Yesterday I was thinking how AC, at it's core, is a really casual game. So I was thinking what makes them so good? what is the main attraction? What is the reason that made this franchise so big....

I will list them, and give an explanation, in my opinion:

Setting, story, uniqueness, and how the game empowers you.

Setting-AC is a historical fiction game. It basically takes a setting, puts fiction into it, and makes all those places and people have a role in the grand story. This is a REALLY big attraction, not many games you can actually learn while playing. Also, it is just cool. It gives you the feeling that you played with history, and you changed it.

Uniqueness-Past that BS book writer who was lying, AC is one of a kind. It combines sci-fi with history, too form a very unique world. Plus, it is really cool seeing how they explain game like stuff, respawning, checkpoints, HUD, falling from a rooftop and surviving, plus the idea of expanding on history is one of a kind.

Story- I think at this point it's self explanatory. The story is really engaging, and really rich with lore. This wiki being a prime example, you can click a random article, next thing you know you read 10, or 12. It really hooks you in, plus, with the conspiracy theme and so on, it can be pretty interesting seeing how it fits the Templars and Assassin's into it all.

Empowers the player-Remember how I said AC is a really casual game? I think that sort of helps it. Few games make you feel like such a badass, that you can do everything. Free Running basically plays itself, we all know that, but it makes you feel really awesome jumping everywhere without a single miss step, combat is extremely easy, and so it makes you feel like the ultimate god who is un-stopable. Now if this is a strength or weakness, can vary.

Which is why I ask: What do you think make the series so successful?

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