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What will happen to blogs?

The Joker~ September 3, 2012 User blog:The Joker~

It may seem kinda stupid making a blog about a blog, but my question is, will blogs go away/commenting disabled?

For a while now, we saw lets say....some complaints about the blog posting/comments on the AC Wiki. People like Slate, Vatsa and Sima and the almighty Kal with his editing power and wisdow, believe that us, members, are posting way too much, while we could be out there editing, revamping and reverting good old vandalism.

Now, you may ask And the point of this is...?

Well, Vatsa said that they did not put any policies on blogs yet. And he said something along the lines of they can disable commenting or blogs. So this makes me wonder, will blogs every go away?

I thought this would be a good subject to tackle, and with ACIII's release nearing, we need as much edits as we can. Why so serious? - Psychopath Corner - Advice of a Psychopath 11:24, September 3, 2012 (UTC)

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