Okay guys i just finished AC3.I have to say that i was a bit disappointed with the ending because it didn't answer any mysteries on the series.The major question for me was about Eve rather than "will the world end".Now we all remember 16 saying in ACB that Desmond has to go to Eden (which i assumed was the Grand Temple ) with Eve.It baffled me more than anything actually.So i was lookin forward to AC3 for some clarity.Well I didn't get any.And what about  "The sun...your son" ???????I dunno if i missed something from AC3 but if anyone knows anything about any of these please help me. Also i thought we'd see what actually happened at the end of The Truth.I'm not sayin i didnt enjoy AC3.Just expected too much in the Desmond storyline.Since Desmond is apparently dead (i guess),I dont see him finding Eve and going to Eden(wherever that is). Of course there is a possibility Eden might be in Africa.But...i dont know...anyway let me know what you think

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