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People's favoriot hideout, ship, residence or city

This one is different than the last one. This one is about your favoriot hideouts, city or residence and ships in Assassin's Creed franchise. Since I don't know how to make voting system, so you're gonna have to leave your opinion on the comment box below. The option's are below.


1. Firenze

2. Vinezia

3. Forli

4. Monteriggioni

5. Isola Tiberina

6. Galata District

7. Great Inagua

8. Boston

9. New York

Hideout or Residence

1. Villa Auditore

2. Tiber Island Headquater

3. Galata Headquater

4. Edward's Mansion in Great Inagua

5. Davenport Homestead

6. Shay's Mansion in New York

7. Assassin's Council


1. Edward's Jackdaw

2. Connor's Aquilla

3. Shay's Morrigan

4. Adéwalé's Victoire

5. Adéwalé's Experto Creed

I haven't entered Fortress of Masyaf because it doesn't have it's own page

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