I know that Syndicate has arrived or arriving in my country but I have many expectaion for the new Assassin's Creed. Here are my expectation.

1) Character: The first thing I want is the same twin character but I want them to be both boys and I also want their costumes to be different in colour. For example: One twin should have white coloured outfit resembling his trustworthy, compassionate and trusts everyone and other twin should have black outfit resembling his dark nature that he is brutal, deadly, dangerous. Both character should have 50% gameplay.

2) Weapon: I am happy that they brought back the throwing knives and I would be more happy if they bring bombs back and not just smoke bombs but also splinter bomb, blood bomb, datura bomb etc.

3) Crafting: Crafting has always been in Assassin's Creed from Revelation to Rouge. But I want it back especially bomb crafting stations. I mean that I don't have to spend money to buy bombs rather I can make it here. Thats more awesome.

4) Location: There has been many historic locations in Assassin's Creed. Such as: Italian Renaissance, Roman Reign, American Revolution, Golden Age Piracy etc. Iwant it to be in either Indian Renaissance or Bengali Renaissance or Liberation War of 1971 where people has fought for their language after resisting 24 years of torture. + All of it ressembles to my Country. I would be very happy to see it like this.

5) Special skills and weapons: There have been many special skills in AC series. For example: Climb leap in AC2, Lifts in ACB, Hookclimb in ACR etc. Not to mention the weapons. For example: Sword of Altair in AC2/ACB/ACR/ACIV/ACRouge, Dagger of Brutus/Maria's blade in ACB, the templar sword that Ezio found in the grave in ACR, Sawtooth Cutlass in ACIII. I also want something like this in there.

6) Special Outfit: There has been many special outfit in AC series. For example: Armor of Altair, Armor of Brutus, Armor of Ishak Pasha, Master Assassin Armor, Mayan Armor, Templar Armor etc. Eversince ACIV no mission is being given to to unlock the armors. I like it that way.

7) Mission Description: Eversince ACR no description are being given. For example: One of your ally is betraying you. Eliminate him. Or One of your allies are in trouble. Help them.

8) Templar turned Assassin: There has been many of it like this. For example: Assassin turned Templar, Pirate turned Templar, Pirate turned Assassin etc. Now I want it Templar turned Assassin.

These are my Expectation. Please leave your comment below.