Well, as I'm sure you're aware, I retired from making polls a few days ago, and asked if anyone felt like continuing on after me. Two people have volunteered to continue: Kabutsu, and The Brave Wolf. Kabutsu suggested that I make yet another poll in order to decide if he should continue, and Wolf volunteered anyway. Let's take a small look at the contestants, shall we?

Kabutsu- Kabustsu has been around the wiki for a year now - longer than I have, actually - and knows his way around wiki coding and is no stranger to blogs themselves. He is capable of using tabber codes, which some people tend to find complicated and prefer to avoid - I myself have used them only once - and collapsibles, - I have never used them, I don't think - both of which could be exploited to make the polls more user-friendly and easier to skip ahead to or avoid certain things. He often participates in discussions on blogs and treats his peers with, friendliness, patience, and respect: all of which are quite essential in this line of... business? He is quite a regular person here when it comes to discussions, but you are less likely to see him edit on main-space stuff - then again, neither did I, when I first started, and it isn't exactly essential for this. All in all, I think he is a great guy for the job, and I would be perfectly happy for him to be my successor; in addition, we both live in the same timezone, so the polls will still come out at roughly the same time as when I did it. ;)

The Brave Wolf- The Brave Wolf is not as senior as Kabutsu or I are, but he is no stranger to coding, blogs, or for that matter, making a poll series of his own. That's right, many months ago, Wolf started his own series of polls, - being inspired by me, wanting to ruin me, or just for the heck of it, I'm not really sure - so he would know what to do if he wins. He is a highly active contributor, and he is eager to help both in main-space and with other stuff. He shows respect to his fellow editors, and is always up for a conversation. He is also happy to do larger work and once went through the memories for Brotherhood, removing those nasty image captions. - I did II , Revelations, III and one third of the original game, though ._. - He, much like myself, and most people who join, has come an incredibly long way since he joined, and I'm sure he would do a great job with the polls. :)

Well, let's get to the main event: who should succeed me?

Who should take over the Crimson Polls?

The poll was created at 16:25 on May 3, 2013, and so far 41 people voted.

So, that's it for today; see you all later.

Crimson Knight Intercom

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