This has little to do with Assassin's Creed, or the wiki in general, but I figured that this was something the community might find interesting.

IGN are currently taking in votes as to what the top ten video games of the seventh console generation are. The voting on IGN can be done here. Voting can be done until the fourth of June, so do it while you can.

Once you've voted on the IGN article, I encourage you to put your votes in the comments section below! We might even be able to compile the votes and determine what the wiki feels the best games of the last generation were. Hint hint, wink wink, staff members.

Just make sure that you only list games that are on the IGN list as well. There's no point in listing games that aren't there, and probably won't be counted. And don't insult other users for their taste in games; keep it nice, people.

Stay tuned to Crimson.FM, coming to you live, all night long. Just kidding. This isn't live.
--Crimson Knight Intercom