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  • The Brave Wolf

    It's been a long time since I've actually posted anything over here in this Wiki, some of you may remember me, most of you won't. So anyway, I saw that there was little to no discussion about the new AC, just thought I'd start one up. So, a new rumor was posted on reddit a couple of hours ago containing this image.

    The post also contained the following text

    "Shit was spreading like a wildfire so who cares anymore. Posting here was a mistake, hoped to get a glamorous leak article on Kotaku lol"

    This basically confirms the original pic as a true leak.

    Here's the link to the reddit post

    Admins let me know if these types of Blogs are still allowed.

    EDIT: This tweet  confirms that Ashraf Ismail, the Game Director of AC4BF and the supposed Game Direct…

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  • The Brave Wolf

    Okay so Batman Arkham Origins got announced this morning and it's release date is Oct 25th just 7 days before ACIV Black Flag! I definitely can't get 2 games in a single week and I'm not sure which game I should by. Help me guys.

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  • The Brave Wolf

    You may never vote on my polls. You may never comment on my polls.BUT. I WILL NEVER STOP MAKING POLLS

    Here's the result fo my 4th session of polls.

    1st poll.

    4th Place to WiiU with 2 votes.

    3rd place to XBox 360 with 4 votes.

    2th place to PC with 7 votes. (Yay)

    1st place to PS3 with 10 votes.

    2nd poll.

    Yes with 5 votes.

    No with 7 votes.

    Here's My Next session of Polls.

    Yours Truly

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  • The Brave Wolf

    Ok Guys Here is my 3rd poll. Before That the results for last weeks polls

    1st poll:

    3rd place goes to 8-12 targets with 1 vote.

    2nd place to >16 targets with 2 votes.

    1st place to 13-16 targets with 9 votes.

    2nd poll:

    Don't Know how to tell this see for yourself heres the link

    sorry for that btw

    Heres my next poll:

    And I have a question for you guys.

    Do you think that they should have changed the combat system? I think that the combat system defined the AC series.

    Yours Truly

    17:36, August 19, 2012 (UTC)

    And whats wrong with my sig?

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  • The Brave Wolf

    Ok guys I've just heard that the Assassin's Creed 3 PC game is delayed until NOVEMBER 23rd, these things really frusturate the PC players. It makes me feel as if I am not given importance. Again I say that we do not want a rushed game like AC:R. So what are your views. I suppose we should get used to this but how hard can it be to just alter some peice of coding to give us options to change the graphics etc.

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