This is the latest guide, you saw the last one and now the Basics of editing but how exactly can you input them into next pages? This guide will explain how. If you have not read the first one, be sure to click HERE


You can't avoid Templates around the Wiki, they're everywhere, whether they contain Revamp Tags, Spoiler tags, Stub tags and even Images in Need Tags will not make a difference. We use these Templates to keep order on the Wiki. This part of the Guide will explain to you about the Different Types of Templates you may experience across the Wiki and if you're unlucky, some of the types you NEVER want to experience during your stay.

The Normal Revamp Template

This is the normal revamp template, this indicates whether an article needs to be rewritten to a higher degree of quality and is also used when an appropriate template can't really be found. Only few articles may seem to have them but just take note that some may seem to be perfectly fine but they may be missing a chunk of necessary information. To add this to an article, the code for it is {{Revamp}}.

The Stub Template

The Stub means an article is small, not much info is known and is in need of expansion when info is available. There are many articles in need of expansion on this wiki and YOU, the editor with all the knowledge and skills learned from my first tutorial can see to it that we have less of this articles. But, on rare occasions, if one is in need, add this template by using the code {{stub}}.

The Spoiler Template

This one should be pretty obvious but just in case, I'll explain it to you. This template means that the page will contain Spoilers. Now, although this is rare, for those who don't know what spoilers are, spoilers are basically pieces of information from new or upcoming releases that a discerning reader might wish to avoid.. Simple enough? Anyway, if you see a page that needs this template, just add {{Spoilerhd}}.

The Image in Need Template

This template indicates that an article is in need of images. Quite abit of articles need it, if you can find any HIGH QUALITY images then that would be appreciated. If you find a low quality image, don't bother to upload it because there's no point when someone can just easily obtain a normal high quality image. If you see a page that needs this, place the code {{Imageneed}}

The Sourceless Template

PL CraftyHQ Here we seek to reveal the danger of blind faith

This article, or section of article, contains information which has yet to be sourced, or is in need of having its sources updated. Please source any information currently within the article, or any new additions that you plan to make. Failure to do so will result in the article being deleted.

The Sourceless Template means that the article is yet to be sourced and contrary to popular belief, the AC:R MP Beta is NOT a reliable source and neither is leaked gameplay footage, we do not know what will change during the time between now and the game's release, so to those who keep adding the category to the Courtesan page or any other using AC:R MP Beta or leaked gameplay as the source. STOP. To add this template, use this code. {{Sourceless}}

For More information on Sourcing check here: Assassin's Creed Wiki:Sourcing

The Assassify Template

This basically means that an article contains references from outside the Assassin's Creed Series and needs to be changed so that it suits the AC series and makes no contradictions to what it states. So if in real life someone had died 1532 but in the game, someone had died in 1531 but the article says 1532. The template would stay until the info is made correct to the AC series and doesn't contradict it. To add this template, typing in {{Assassify}}.

The Normal Working Revamp Template

This means an article in need of revamp is being revamped by a user. I used a normal revamp template with my name as you can see and if you wish to attempt a revamp as such then I suggest you use this code: {{Working Revamp|Usernamehere}}.

The Apprentice Revamp Template

This means an Apprentice (mentioned in my last tutorial) is currently revamping an article as apart of the Initiative. There work is NOT meant to be trifled with unless taken up with them. Once it's removed and the article has been evaluated then you can feel free to edit without any troubles. Only apprentices are allowed to add this template and the code for the future apprentices is {{Apprentice Revamp|Username|Master}}.

GA and FA in Vote Templates

The GA and FA Vote templates mean that an article is being voted for GA Status or FA Status. There are requirements for both these articles which have to be met in order to pass the vote by Staff. These articles tend to have an efficient writing style which the reader can understand and yet be intrigued by. If you choose to nominate an Article to GA status or FA Status the codes are: {{NomG}} {{NomF}}

GA or FA Removal Vote Template

This is the GA or FA Removal in progress template. The basics of this is when a Staff member finds a GA or FA Status article which is not worthy of it. They then present the Article and vote for whether or not it should be removed. Once done this template is removed and that article either remains GA or FA, or loses its status. The code for this is {{NomRvk}}.

WikiProject Absolute Symbiosis Template

This article is within the scope of WikiProject Memories,
an attempt to create a detailed and informative
resource for all the existing missions in the
Assassin's Creed series

This Template means that the article is apart of the Wiki Project known as Absolute Symbiosis which is a project dedicated to listing all the existing missions in the Assassin's Creed series, in an organized and helpful manner. To add this code, type in {{WPMemories}}.

WikiProject Timeline Template

This article is within the scope of WikiProject
an attempt to build comprehensive and
detailed Featured articles about all major events
throughout the Assassin's Creed series

Timeline is a WikiProject intended to list all Assassin's Creed events and battles in a encyclopedic, historical and non-player way. This will show the events not from the View of Desmond or the player but from the view of the time itself. To add this template, type in {{WPTimeline}}.

WikiProject: Blood of a Templar Template

This article is within the scope of WikiProject Targets,
an attempt to build comprehensive and detailed
Featured articles about all Assassination Targets
throughout the Assassin's Creed series

Targets is a WikiProject, dedicated to promoting all Assassination Target articles to Featured Status. These targets are targets spread across all games such as Altaïr's Chronicles, Bloodlines, Assassin's Creed I, Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Discoveries, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed: Revelations. To add this template, type in .

Conjecture Template

The conjecture template indicates whether or not an article has a canon name. Some names are not specified throughout Assassin's Creed and so, some articles (Vatican Vault) are just called what they relate to. To use this template, just type in {{Conjecture}}.

WP-Real Template

Smallwikipedialogo This little icon links up to a Wikipedia article and will direct you there once clicked. To use this, type {{WP-REALlink}}.

Era Icons

Eraicon-Altair's Chronicles Eraicon-AC1 Eraicon-Bloodlines Eraicon-AC2 Eraicon-Brotherhood Eraicon-Revelations Eraicon-Brotherhood book Eraicon-Renaissance Eraicon-Secret Crusade Eraicon-The Fall Eraicon-Lineage Eraicon-Ascendance Eraicon-Embers Eraicon-Assassins Eraicon-Templars Eraicon-Abstergo Eraicon-TWCB Eraicon-Realworld

These are era icons, although I can not present them because of coding issues, I'll explain them. The era icons go at the Top left of the page and they will disclose which part of Assassin's Creed Media they're from. The list varies. Now, you see the order I've put them in, that's the order they should be in. It goes, games then books, then short movies, then allegiances (if on character page) and then featured or good article (if it is).

For the codes, be sure to check out HERE.

Deletion Template

This template is an indication that a page is pointless and is up for deletion, once the page is deleted be it before of, no relevance, biased and personal preferences or even fanon, the tag will go with it. To place this tag, type in {{delete}}

Warnings and Ban Template (No Codes)

Now, you'll NOT under ANY circumstances be given the code for these. These are for Staff only. I'm showing these to you as an example.

Springcleaning "Have some respect for death, my friend."
There is a first for everything.

Safety and peace. Our sources inform us of your recent activities in the wiki, and some of them were of ill fate. Your help is just as good as any, but please know your place. If what you seek is something we can offer, please refer to us if need be.

Let it be known that you're being watched. Arrivederci.

This is the first warning, if you've done something minor but it proves to be incorrect and it keeps happening, you'll be given this as a first. Seems harmless? Wrong! Any warning is a bad warning unless under false pretenses.

Serialkiller "There is still time to clear your conscience."
Our paths cross once more.

Safety and peace. Yet again, we are here to inform you of your recent activity on the wiki. Adding nonsense and speculations to articles can be considered vandalism. If the information you hold is indeed the truth, then discuss its reliability on the article's discussion page, or perhaps inform us on our talk pages.
Remember that we are always watching. Always. Arrivederci.

This is a second warning, if you've continued to do what you've been doing then you'll be given this. This warning is not as lenient as the others so take into note when given this warning, it's a sign to STOP!

Undertaker "I learned what becomes of those who lift themselves above others..."
A level deeper, and it will be your last.

Patience and tolerance is a virtue many of us do not have. Fortunately for you, we can offer both. Part of our goal is to make our editors happy. Another part of it, is to make our readers happy. Perfect balance requires the cooperation of both parties, and if you can't offer that, then perhaps your profession lies elsewhere. Know your place, or leave it entirely.

This is your final warning. Our patience is at our limit. Arrivederci.

This is the FINAL warning, if you DO NOT stop, you will be banned without hesitation or mercy. If you get this, be cautious, be very cautious.

Abstergo "Che nessuno ricordi il tuo nome. Requiescat in pace."
You are banned from the Assassin's Creed Wiki.

We offered you our patience, our trust, and our kindness. We tried to be tolerant of your actions, and yet you still refuse to cooperate. Your ignorance will be your downfall, and down you shall go. Let this serve as a reminder that we never forget what we say, and that we are always watching. Always.

May your silence provide the both of us peace and tranquility. Requiescat in Pace.

When you get this, you're banned. Nothing you do can change the fact and nothing you do will alter it in any aspect. You, as an editor, NEVER want to view this on your talk page and you ALWAYS want to avoid any of these templates being put on your pages. Tread carefully because these are the only chances you get.

Commands of the IRC (and more)

The Powers of NukuServ

NukuServ is a bot on the IRC and a funny one at best. It's undetermined whether or not Nuku's a female, we just assume it goes back and fourth. NukuServ has many commands and all of them bound to give you a laugh. So let us dig deeper into the many commands that NukuServ has to offer.

Quotes, FML and Bash Commands

―NukuServ to a poor soul[src]

The quote command is very simple, all you do is type in !quote in the chat and a quote will appear such as: Quote: <BlaiddDdraig> nows m y tgoknghyued <-- "Now my tongue" <Animusradiation> Blaidd is licking his keyboard. <BlaiddDdraig> OH YOU GOT IT! XD <Assassin-Rayne> That's because he doesn't have anything else to lick. XD <BlaiddDdraig> You bitch.

See, very simple? Isn't it? :P The next command is !bash now be warned, if you repeat yourself too many times Animus (Another bot) will kick you, if you do it a second time, you will be banned. Isn't this fun, now the Bash is partially different because it takes up more room and spams the chat, so unless you want a lot of pissed users, I suggest you rarely use it. This is an example of !bash: |bash 15878| <Ouroboros> The large print giveth, and the fine print taketh away.

That one was pretty short, usually longer. :/ Anyway... the last command I will show you here is the !fml command. Pretty simple. Just type in !fml and a message like this will appear: [FML]: I was at my cousin's house. We weren't spending time together because he was always texting. After a couple of minutes, I got jealous. I played a ringtone on my cell, and "answered" it. I had a whole conversation with nobody in an attempt to seem somewhat more popular than a 10-year-old. FML

That's most of NukuServ's commands. The other one requires power in which a regular user does not have.

Talking Back?

NukuServ, despite being a Bot actually has the ability to talk back to you. It's amazing in my opinion, truly amazing. If you typed "NukuServ, give blablabla a cookie" using a common feature known as the /me command would turn out to be: -NukuServ gives blablabla a cookie.

If you typed in .beer, NukuServ would offer you a selection and after you've chosen a selection, will respond different after each thing you choose. The beers consist of:

  • .Corono
  • .Coors
  • .Icehouse
  • .Colt45
  • .Lowenbrau
  • .Budweiser
  • .Busch
  • .Michelob
  • .Fosters
  • .Labattblue
  • .Labattlight
  • .Heineken
  • .Beck
  • .Bud

The People

The People, what can you really say? They're good and friendly to talk to, all you really have to do is not overstep your bounds. This is a place where Staff, Apprentices, Regular editors and even those who DO NOT edit the Wiki go. There are 5 levels to achieve but one is impossible unless you're bureaucrat.

The First Rank being a Regular editor.

The Roles of a Regular

Regulars don't have much responsibility on the chat, they don't have to deal with problems, probably because they can be the problem. The regulars do not contain much authority but it does not make there opinion any less valid (unless it's utterly stupid) or ignored.

The Second Rank being an Apprentice.

The Roles of an Apprentice

An Apprentice that goes onto IRC will be given powers (also known as Half Op), these powers will allow them to kick and mute regular users. While they do have the ability to ban, it's against the rules (by order of Staff) to ban a user from there. This is where their apprenticeship interview takes place and where they can discuss more about their task with the Master. The only exception to this is Uditore who passed her Apprenticeship but unfortunately didn't make it to Staff.

The Third Rank being Normal Staff.

The Roles of a Normal Staff Member

They are higher up in power and also go by the title of Op. The roll of a Normal Staff member is basically the same as that of an Apprentice except they can kick and mute an Apprentice along with use of the ban feature. The Staff members orders triumph over that of an Apprentice or a Regular user but not that of an Admin.

The Fourth Rank being Admins.

The Role of an Admin

The role of an Admin is similar to that of Staff except higher up in Authority, the Admins include the Rafiq of the Istruttore, Il Camerlengo and Il Diretorre and the Sysop. But there's one exception to this matter and that is Kaishiro, a man who helps run the place known as IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

And the last rank being Owner.

The Role of an Owner

The only owner is Cello, the Bureaucrat of the Wiki. He has more power then the Admins, Staff, Apprentices or of course, the Regular users. The positions are not just given to you unless you've earned them.

Those are the Ranks of the IRC and are very easy to remember, if you visit a couple times I am sure you'll remember. That is all for the IRC section of this guide.

Ending Note

Are YOU having trouble with a certain aspect of the Wiki? Find it hard to grasp? For the next guide, I will put YOURS, yes YOUR subject in and show you the basics of what you want to know. This was from TheSt0ryTeller. Peace out! ^.^

--Teller Words, On my Screen :O 16:45, September 25, 2011 (UTC)