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Note:Reading the Quotes isn't mandatory but it will provide you with some answers.

The Initiative Basics

Teller: "So 12, how was your experience with BlaiddDdraig?"
Twelve: "Going through the Initiative, you'll learn all kinds of things. Not only how to become a better editor, but also how to get involved in the community more."
Teller: "Nice, anything else you'd like to add, maybe something about the difficult tasks ahead?"
Twelve: "Even with the skills learnt, you'll need true determination to rise through the ranks."
—Me interviewing Twelve, fellow staff and former apprentice, asking questions about the Initiative.[src]

The Apprentice Initiative is your way to show signs of dedication to the Wiki, by accumulating 400 edits, you're granted the rights to an interview with Staff where you're asked about Editing, Community and the basic knowledge of Assassin's Creed. If approved by the Istruttorium members, you'll enter the Apprenticeship and wait for a Master to pick you. Once picked it begins.

The Interview

Getting Ready

Teller: "What do you think it takes to become an Apprentice (besides the edit count)?"
BlaiddDdraig: "Number 1 most important thing is to fit in with the community. This doesn't mean "being social" and just logging on here often. To have the greatest advantage possible, you have to be funny, whilst capable of professionalism. Also need to be respectable to all higher ups, but always say what you think as no one can ban from here for having an opinion. And if one person has the courage to stand up and disagree, you may be surprised by how many others follow. I can't be bothered going into too much detial, its really all just about fitting in whilst not being a kiss ass, everyone hates it and most people can read it like a book. A perfect example of this is Etch, not the greatest editor nor amazing helper of the community. But he fit in perfectly and that gave him a massive advantage... although I still believe it was TOO big of an advantage, my vote was outdone by others"
Teller: "What's an estimated time for an Apprentice to complete the Initiative?"
BlaiddDdraig: "That really depends on the Apprentice. Udi went through in a few weeks.. others will take months."
Teller: "What are the "perks" of being an Apprentice?"
BlaiddDdraig: "You passed the interview and are on the way to becoming Staff. Not saying Staff are "better" but there is no denying our significance. Apprentices bask in a bit of that significance, and get more and more as they get closer. But getting back to the point... you learn more thus you can do and say more. Your opinion's value increases.

—Blaidd's opinions of Apprentice's perks, time and requirements.

The questions could be about anything in particular, so I suggest you catch up with information on the games, timeline and characters. Some good examples of what you should read consist of:

You don't necessarily have to read every single one of them because it would take time and effort which will most likely prove to be useless. It would also be wise to try contacting the community as many times as you can through IRC since that's where your master will most likely be and where you two can communicate more frequently.

The Training

The Tasks

Teller: "While training an Apprentice, what is the hardest part for you, a master?"
War Clown: "Well, for me, the hardest part would be setting up tasks that meet the Apprentice's level of expertise about the series. You have to know what he/she knows about the series, what he/she has played, what he/she hasn't. If your Apprentice has played the majority of them, you have a versatile subordinate, and you have little to worry about in giving tasks. If the opposite however, you'll have to find tasks that can work for him/her, one that will benefit both the Apprentice, and the wiki. Though I never found myself in the situation where my Apprentice has only played one AC, I had to give certain restrictions and boundaries to the tasks I gave, in terms of scope."
Teller: "Have you ever found it difficult to cope with an Apprentice?"
War Clown: "Well, with my Apprentice, Elchzard, no I haven't. He knew what he was doing, and was always eager to learn more. Succeeded in most of the tasks I gave him, and has helped others in their problems, me included. Just talk like you would a friend, and coping with an Apprentice won't be a problem."
—One part of a questioning of War Clown, head of the Istruttorium.[src]

Tasks will be given from the Master via IRC and/or The Pigeon Coop. These will be used by Staff to monitor your progress. As you complete assignments to a good quality of "revamps", this may get you a good rep as an Editor but a good rep as a Community Member is a different story. Being a respected (and responsible) community member is a big PUSH for an Apprentice, any person can edit to a high standard (unless you don't have a good grasp on the English language or speak lik diz) but to be respected amongst this community is different. So here as some tips:

  • Aid any member who needs help.
  • Don't just edit, move on, edit again. Comment on blog posts, interact with people whether it's through forums or even blog posts. (IRC helps too.)
  • Speak normally, they don't lik poepl who speak lik dis, it's just stupid.
  • Trolling is.. okay, in few situations, but do not create a habit out of it.

These are considered "tasks" to some, so I believed it reasonable to add these, afterall, this can give you a great push in an Apprenticeship. Now the editing tasks themselves, a great part of the Apprenticeship is the editing, want to know why? It's a great hobby and it makes you feel like you're making a great contribution, which in a way, you are! Any amount of small edits you make will eventually add up, even grammar and spelling. Though, when revamping, you may want to remember these few things:

  • Use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Source all new info you add into an article.
  • Make sure you preview your edit before publishing it.

These are important aspects of a task, if you don't follow them, chances are that your Master will hunt you down. Tasks should come frequently, unless you already have a task, otherwise you'll have to complete that first.

Ranking Up

Teller: "How exactly do you know when to rank up an Apprentice?"
War Clown: "That's something I did on my own. Usually, masters rank them up once they finish a task. Me, I rank them up when he does something remarkable, or something a different Apprentice wouldn't bother doing.Most of Elchzard's promotions were somewhat...unusual to say the least, but it does say something of what he can accomplish. He started a meme, he got a promotion. Other Apprentices openly admitted that they wanted to "reach his level of awesomeness", which also got him promoted. And perhaps the most unexpected, he teached a cave man (no names :P) how to use a desktop computer, which got him yet again, another promotion. His promotions are just based on qualities that a staff member will need to be one, and I can safely say that it payed off. Look at him now, staff member."
Teller: "How do you believe an Apprentice should be picked (By his community, editing or knowledgable achievements)?"
War Clown: "I'd say two things. One, would be the quality of his/her edits. And the other, would be the frequency of his/her presence in the IRC. With both those things, you'll know immediately if the Apprentice is fit for staff: if he/she is ready and able."
—Yet again, another part of War Clown's questioning.[src]

As an Apprentice, you're bound to rank up (eventually) and to do that, you must complete useful tasks! There are 15 ranks to go up, these ranks are:

  • Recluta (Recruit)
  • Servitore (Servant)
  • Assistente (Assistant)
  • Milite (Soldier)
  • Discepolo (Disciple)
  • Mercenario (Mercenary)
  • Guerriero (Warrior)
  • Sentinela (Sentinel)
  • Mandatario (Agent)
  • Silenziatore (Silencer)
  • Operativo (Operative)
  • Veterano (Veteran)
  • Assassino (Assassin)
  • Maestro (Master)
  • Maestro Assassino (Master Assassin)

Wow, looking at them they must seem like alot to go through, right? WRONG! If you're aspiring to be Staff then you have to face the challenges of ranks, revamps and such. Ranks are not just given out like free samples at a Supermarket, they're earned and you feel good knowing you earned them fairly. A perk of being an Apprentice.

The Wait

Teller: "Why did you join the Initiative?"
Twelve: "Because I wanted to get more involved on the sight that was all about my favorite game. I did have an interest in writing and wanted to know how to better my techniques."
Teller: "How were you treated as an Apprentice, were you more respected or treated the same or...?"
Twelve: "I was respected more, obviously not too much but people began to realize that I was someone on the wiki."
—Another Subject 12 questioning.[src]

While waiting, you should just continue your usual routine. Edit, community, whatever. You're an Apprentice, patience is something you'll need during the Apprenticeship. There are plenty of masters as of now (December 2nd 2011) so be sure to be patient and once your master finds you worthy of being their Appprentice, then it. IS. ON!

When waiting for assignments to roll in, don't just sit there begging your master for one. Edit! Find something to edit. There's always something! We have a list for things like that.

  • Article Stubs
  • Articles in need of Revamping
  • Articles in need of sources (for people who know referencing and sourcing.)
  • Articles needing images (Only High Quality images, this Wiki doesn't take kindly to low quality images.)

Do what you can to make people think "This guy looks like he knows his stuff (perhaps even good enough for a Staff position)".

Last part of waiting is the NOMINATION!

Be proud because as of now, you are on the last step to reach Staff. Imagine Staff members are in the doorway after a long flight of stairs. If they accept you in, they open it more and let you in. If you're declined entrance, they kick you down the stairs (though not making Staff should not get in the way of editing.) While waiting, just do what you did before, edit... just without your former Masters' supervision. So, if you're accepted, you know what you do? You go to War Clown and ask him for your special emblem which will be personally picked by yourself. Go to Subject 16* and pick out what character you would like as your avatar. Then you know what you do after this? MORE WAITING! But the good thing is, you're done and now Staff. Unless you didn't get in.

The Rules

Teller: "Are the any "rules" in particular that an Apprentice will need to abide by, whether it's IRC wise or Wiki Wise?"
BlaiddDdraig: "I believe we all abide by the same rules.. I think someone said Apprentices aren't allowed to ban people on the IRC, personally I don't care though. If they unfairly ban a person it can be used as evidence to dismiss them if there are further issues, and if they fairly ban people then its just more evidence towards how they could make a worthy Staff member. but let me think about this one a while longer."
―BlaiddDdraig's thoughts on rules.[src]

An Apprentice must abide by the normal rules but have one little "extra" which is Power Abuse on the IRC Chat. Power Abuse is no laughing matter, if you mute a person simply because he disagrees with you, you're stuffed. If you ban a person unfairly, once again, you're stuffed. Once again, you follow the same rules as everyone else. Such as:

  • No Trolling
  • Speak properly
  • Don't Spam
  • Respect your superiors
    • Respect everybody
  • No Power-Abuse (Apprentices and higher only)

If you abide by these simplistic rules, your Wiki-Life as an Apprentice will be awesome and full of supposed joy. If not... you're f***ed and Staff will have your a** on their walls.

Staff and Apprentice's thoughts and advice

Teller: "How are you enjoying the Apprentice Initiative so far?"
Il Lupo: "Well... it's not really a thing to enjoy, it's more of a job or a group of goals that you set yourself from the beginning of your apprenticeship. What I do enjoy is the companionship and teamwork stuff that goes with the spot. The great thing is, once you become an Apprentice, you get to become friends with the people that make the Wiki work. That means you get quality and quantity at the same time. I do, however, enjoy the editing."
Teller: "Being the Apprentice of the "Mentor", Cello, is there anything you'd wish him to improve on, something he's missing that you've noticed other masters doing?"
Il Lupo: "I think he's exactly what the Wiki needed when it was down in the dumps and vandalised beyond belief. He's still a great leader and will continue to be so, but as everyone, he does have some flaws. The first is activity, though I may be missing a lot since we're in different time zones. I don't often get assignments as other Apprentices do, which is a little detrimental to my outcomes. He needs a bit of work on his spelling, though his grammar is usually perfect, and should try to learn not to frighten off people with his enormous ego (kidding Cello, swear it). Neither of us are organised, but that doesn't matter; we were probably the best match-up available at the time and even now, since our faults seem to play off each other and gradually improve."
—Il Lupo's coverage on her apprenticeship with Cello, Part 1.[src]
Teller: "Perhaps his assignment issues are because he's busy with Wikia people and Staff concerns?"
Il Lupo: "It could be... though his busiest moments are on the IRC, and I don't see much of that due to previously-mentioned factors. I'd never want to say that he wasn't doing his job, since Cello is doing that wonderfully, and much better than I ever could. His dedication to the Staff and even to regular editors is admirable, and may well be one of his reasons."
Teller: "How often do you talk to Cello about things other than the Initiative?"
Il Lupo: "Things other than the Initiative seem to be on his mind a lot when I do see him, but our private talks are usually about assignments, when we do have them. It's rare when I can see or talk to him."
—Another one of Il Lupo's coverage on her apprenticeship with Cello, Part 2.[src]
Teller: "I've talked to Cello alot about other stuff than the Initiative, but the Initiative still being an important aspect of the Wiki, when you do talk about the Initiative, how exactly does it play out? Like, when you talk to him about the Initiative, is he persistent? Trying to get it over and done with so he can resume his own line of work?"
Il Lupo: "I'd say that Cello likes to give me the assignment when he thinks of it, which is only when I'm around while he is, and sometimes not even then. When he does talk to me about it, he gives me the assignment in PM, makes sure I have no questions and usually leaves IRC after that."
―Another one of Il Lupo's coverage on her apprenticeship with Cello, Part 3.[src]
Teller: "Being the Apprentice of an Administrator, how have you found your experience in the Initiative so far?"
Amnestyyy: "I have found the Initiative quite rewarding, but also quite challenging, as it forced me to do things I hadn done before and to learn stuff the normal contributors dont even have to worry about, such as lay-out, proper coding and sourcing."
Teller: "Do you believe that a 500 edit cap is fair or unfair for the newer editors who'd like to be given a chance?"
Amnestyyy: "When I started out, the edit cap was only 100 edits, but I felt I wasnt really prepared for the interview and the start of my apprenticeship when I was allowed into the initiative. Soon after it became 250, and later 500. Personally, I believe the cap is not only fair, but also necessary, as it prepares you for the interview and allows you to collect some more knowledge, which you WILL need."
—Amnestyyy about her involvement in the Initiative.[src]
Teller: "Do you have any advice for people who wish to be an Apprentice?"
Cello: "Be respectuful towards hierarchy, and be fun and sociable."
―Cello, keeping it short. He's a busy man. Busy managing this Wiki that is.[src]

Meet the Masters

These people are the people that will be instructing you. Well, only one of them will, you will only have one Master, but all masters train you differently. So, let's meet the Masters.

Why only these? No, they're not the only Masters, these people stand out since they have Respectable Titles, if you progress in Staff then you may obtain one. But you need to pass to get one. You'll also get one of these epic Avatars of epic awesomeness.

There you have it folks, the Masters. These people will teach you how to be Staff, sounds nice doesn't it?

Promotional Offer?

Yes, TST here from HQI saying that if you JOIN BEFORE FEBRUARY 2012 you'll get some EXCLUSIVE Assassin Avatars (faceless) which are available ONLY TO APPRENTICES AND HIGHER! JOIN NOW!


Credits go to these people:

  • War Clown - Provided some good dialogue and provided the awesome images above.
  • Subject 12 - Telling me about an Apprenticeship guide and providing some good dialogue.
  • Il Lupo - Gave us some inside coverage on her Apprenticeship.
  • D. Cello - Provided a short, though useful quote.
  • Subject 16* - May not have played a direct part but provided those Staff Avatars.
  • Amnestyyy - Great dialogue provided.
  • 'R BlaiddDdraig - Provided good answers for some questions.
  • Yours Truly - Made this guide, course I should be credited.

Thank you, remember, join the Initiative. You most certainly won't regret it!

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