The winds were great, the waves crashing against the boat. Marcello held onto the rope, his hand firmly gripping it, his hood blown off by the wind. He closed his eyes and felt the breeze glide against his skin, he realized his scarred memory caused by Bibs was a scar that could never fade. Marcello heard the sound of canons as his passed a nearby port, he thought it was just in the area until a cannonball crashed into the boat. Marcello looked at the nearby boat which seemingly fired the cannon. Marcello sneered and tried to get the boat out of the area, the enemy ship sailed closer towards the ship, it stopped suddenly. Marcello's boat couldn't reach it but maybe if the mast was tipped he might be able to climb it. Marcello loaded a cannon nearby, they would wipe him out if he shot at them or tried to fight back, he fired at the mast as it could break if somebody kicked it with a hard force. Marcello climbed it without fear, once he made it to the top, he kicked it in the direction the enemy ship. The enemy ship was of a sturdy construction, Marcello's ships mast crashed down on the enemy ship, it held on impact and Marcello quickly charged across it as the enemies tried to push it off, they succeeded but Marcello did one last leap and gripped his hands on the ships railing. His fingers were sore, he had gotten so much splinters from on the way up. Marcello was determined, he pulled himself up while pulling an enemy down with a blade in their chest.

So that was the preview! Full story out once my week of absence is up. So... this is your FailChef saying Nanu, Nanu and Happy editing ^_^ PEACE OUT \O/ FailChef Words are Awesome 09:46, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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