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The Monteriggioni Minecraft Project!

Monteriggioni Minecraft Project!

Heya people! Do you like Minecraft? Yeah? Well this is a blog discussing a project I have bought upon myself and it is coming along quite nicely. This is Monteriggioni with Sand & Sandstone structures! We've had our ups and downs but nothing is quite like this so far! So I present to you the Monterriggioni updates blog!

PS: It won't be completely accurate. I'm just one guy!

Update #1 - 3/10/2012 - Back Courtyard and Villa Completed!

Monteriggioni Villa Frontshot

Ignore the completely unidiotic comment in the text box!

So, some updates are:

  • Adding Statuettes
  • Villa is completed to the top and under.
  • Courtyard has been added.
  • One View Tower has been added.
  • Server has crashed 4 times since start.
  • Glowstone added to stop Mob-Spawning.

Update #2 - Coming Soon!

Want To Come And Check It Out?

You want to come and check it out? Feel free to drop by Probuild's SMP!!

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