Heya people, Teller here just reminding you all of our outstanding Apprentice Initiative! Run by the new Dai Amnesty, the initiative is a big bonus for many of our users aspiring to become Staff. In the following blog we will discuss the proceeding topics;

  • The benefits
  • What it means to be an Apprentice
  • Responsibilities you'll be forced to uphold

But before we go into that, I'd like to make mention that I myself and many other staff (or former staff members) were Apprentices at one stage and it was a great experience.

The Benefits

With the responsibilities of the Initiative comes benefits towards it;

  • Your assigned mentor will help you with revamps and will aid you in improving your editing and perhaps even knowledge of the Assassin's Creed universe.
  • You'll get a fancy and awesome emblem and userbox on your userpage.
  • You'll have a higher chance of making it into Staff with the completion of the program.
  • Your progress will be tracked by other staff and they'll discuss on where you can improve.
  • You don't have to face the troubles of finding pages to revamp since they're assigned to you unless instructed otherwise.
  • A lovely Half Op on your local IRC.

What it means

What does it mean to be an Apprentice? It means you've taken your first leap towards being a staff member in a more professional manner. You'll now possess a higher chance of getting the position you want as a Staff member. For example; you'll have a higher chance as a user who frequently goes on the IRC and communicates with a stable edit count with the minimal 200 edits as oppose to that of a user with 400 edits who shows negative and unprofessional mannerisms.


ACIII-Surgeon 11

This could be you if you do not follow rules.

With power comes responsibility; as an Apprentice you're expected to be respectful of others and treat others as you would expect to be treated. We, the community in general, do not condone stupid behavior and disrespect, and as an Apprentice you're expected to acknowledge this. You'll be expected to complete set tasks on time (unless a prominent reason is given) and listen to your mentor. We do not make exceptions to rules, it's a rarity when we do. If you're an Apprentice then you're expected to follow the rules given to everyone else.

--Teller Words, On my Screen :O 11:23, February 11, 2013 (UTC)

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