Hello fellow Assassin's Creed Fans, Teller here. (FailChef...ect....) Got some things to tell you, I shall start with the challenge! Then the Absence and at last the Story in progress which clashes with the absence. Almost forgot a brief note about the guide at the end.

The Challenge: Okay, The Rafiq of the Apprenticeship Blaidd has challenged your regular FailChef to not Fail for a week... Can I pull it off? I don't know, we'll see. XD

The Absence: I've worked hard and alot of stuff has happened, I'll be taking leave while writing a story in progress which I will tell you about shortly. I will be leaving for a week and I will only make 2 comments on Blogs and stuff a day (I like to remain active). But I will usually be away, so if I don't get back to you just remember that. The Absence will begin once my assignment is FULLY finished, which still awaits reviewing from Rome. Okay, so I have the Absence explained.

The Story: I've been working on a story, a nice little one using the character Marcello (He'll know what it means ;)) journey for answers. Italian boy cruising ships, battling the French and breaking out of prison. Wow... doesn't sound like a good guy does it? O.o Oh well... XD Anyway... There'll be a small preview of that tomorrow. I'll be writing the first story during the week and it will be a whole set of stories.

BRIEF TUTORIAL SUMMARY: Okay, I've made a tutorial to help those who are new to the Wikia in general. So if you're new and have no idea what you're doing check it out. The link is down below > V <


That's all folks, enjoy your weekends and enjoy the wait for my next post. For now though.... enjoy the preview tomorrow. PEACE OUT! \O/ FailChef Words are Awesome 14:32, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

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