A bunch of people make a song then fadeee
People say Rome wasn't an isstrutore in a dayyyy
Noobs get the hell out of there,
because they know somethings getting reverted.
Is he getting banned. No it's a medium shot. Pan, Zoom, in slow mo mean Sima's the noob!
Mysterious Admin edits from a distance
Takes a second to look awesome
Time to go
Edit slow motion
So you just look awesome
Noob just saw you
And he's gonna badge hunt
But don't mind him
Just keep being awesome
That apprentice will take care of him
Noob says Stop just Edit with your Awesome!
The other noob banned by admin, so you're good
Part the Wiki
Hopefully those noobs are good editors
No they're not
Maybe they are
They're not
Now go ban those crooked vandals
They are very pissed
Noob just gets off his computer
Admin distracted by a typo
Noobs like "Ban Me"
He hates typos
He types up when he remembers
Ooh I hate typo
Message Blaidd and noobs are banned
Everywhere noobs are banned
One has a hack
He's fine
Noob sends Anons to get banned
Ban the noobs, the edits get put down, mute the noob, he gets kicked out
Noob is still fine
Noob types and some other anons
That were hiding in engines come out and then
Take there bad edits
Then Noob pulls out his badge
Then goes and licks his badge
Mysterious Hooded Man
Turns out
to be
Grand Master Cello
You're next
Slow Motion and You're Banned

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