Heya Peeps, The Failman here delivering fail at your door in large ammounts. This is my personal news blog so, yep. Yep, that's it. Since only staff are allowed to post News Blogs this is just my PERSONAL little blog, anyone can view it, it updates me and a little something else. ;) Shall we get started. Firstly:

I'm not going on absence since a very good friend of mine has helped me sort out my personal quarrels, cheer if you want or boo, doesn't bother me. I have to say Thank you to him, he helped me out alot. I've got no more pressure so I'm ready to get some Wiki pressure. \O/ YAY! :D

So lets have a vote, which one do I put out first? Oh wait, it's a blog. :P *Me facepalms*

I'll read out the No story bit first aye? Good. Even though I released a preview, I shall not be making a story since there's no absence. I use stories to calm me down, since I'm calm... No story... Okay? Good!

Now the Warning: Yes, I'm not one who should be shouting out a warning but still... XD I've noticed alot of reverted edits by the Staff members since people have been using THEIR and only THEIR pictures. These pics are specially made by them and are not to be used by any other use! Kapiesh? XD Glad we got it settled! XD

Now, I bid you goodbye. That's this blog, 3 blogs in a week? Wow... I gotta cut back. XD Oh well, least it wasn't 4, aye? XD Have a good day, night or afternoon. NANU NANU and Happy Editing ^_^

Failman out! \O/ Failman Leave some fail in my failbox 08:55, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

PS: Check out mah new Avatar. Crafted by your one and only FAILMAN! XD

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