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Now, I love Christmas and we ALL know the people love this sort of stuff so I've organized a treat for the people. I've requested great favors by beloved Staff members and some highly appreciated Community Members. Sit down with a nice drink of Hot Chocolate, courtesy of myself, and read this Blog with joy of the good Christmas spirit. Now, shall we take a look? Wait! Give 'em a cheer first, wait, no, nevermind. Just judge first. :D

Tempest - A Story From The Mind of GuardDog

Presented by GuardDog


Masyaf, circa 1190.

The white was blinding. The pale cast of the sky bled easily into the snow upon the mountains, an odd color for the coming night. The Assassin watched his breath furl away into the wind with detached interest, clicking his tongue quietly to his steed as he directed it along the invisible path.

The gales of coming snowfall seeped past his robes and cloak, chilling him, but not unexpectedly so. The mountains were cold, they always had been.

After these hours he had spent in travel, the bared metal of his blades seared his flesh at the slightest touch, branding his fingers whenever he checked them habitually. Still, he did not shift them, their presence at his waist and shoulder too familiar, too comforting. He could not risk hesitation in drawing his weapons should he be attacked in this snowstorm.

But even this thought was met with dry amusement. Few knew these roads up to Masyaf, and those who walked them were either brothers, or the living dead. Winters were not kind to the lost, nor were the jagged rocks and cliffs that hugged the path as a coiled snake.

He absently brushed off the flakes that had gathered on his sleeves and saddlebags, mentally counting the hours before the height of darkness and merciless wind. He would need to stop for the night, at least during that stretch of the storm. Below him, his stallion only plowed on through the deep banks of white, sturdy and relentless as the mountain itself.

Minutes slipped by in a wisp, with the thickening snowfall masking the pass of time and most of his surroundings. However, even with this, his sharp eye caught the odd shape upon the ground by the cliff edge, an uneven mass lying covered in windblown mounds.

The Assassin halted upon the path, staring a moment at the barely visible corpse of a fine warhorse, its mane still shifting in the wind, the muscles not yet shrunken. It could not have lain here more than an hour.

His eyes narrowed a little as he noticed its missing tack, and the slender build of its foreign breeding. He had heard that knights would sooner eat the leather of their saddles than desecrate the bodies of their steeds. He would have snorted at the memory of this near-ironic sanctity of the dead, had he not been cautious of this beast's rider, who was likely still nearby.

The Assassin knew these mountains, and knew too of the scattering of crevices marring the walled stone rising along his left, just deep enough to be caves. A man without a steed would seek shelter, above all.

He hushed the uneasy nicker of his horse as he slid from its back, and led it into the lee of the cliff face, hidden from sight and wind. If he were to fall, he at least would not grant his enemy a new means of travel.

With his beast sheltered, he stepped back onto the path, pulling his cloak tighter about his shoulders as the gale winds caught at his robes, and piled snow upon the leather of his boots. He sighed in quiet annoyance, and bowed his head to the snowfall as he pressed forward.

He kept a shoulder to the jagged line of rocks that traced the edge of the path, stretching all his senses to search for the potential enemy. Sure enough, it was the evidence of fire he felt first, the threads of warm air seeping out from one cave as regularly as the breath of a dying man.

The Assassin paused beside the tear in the cliff face, setting a hand to his saber, and flexing the cold from his joints as he tensed into a readied stance.

He released a breath as he leaned around the corner, peering into the hollow of darkness, and near expecting the Crusader to leap upon him then and there. However, all he saw was the low fire at the center of the cave, its tongues short and guttering, and its light barely reaching the walls of the narrow space.

The sudden flash of white at his peripheral vision sparked the eagle into motion, and he pivoted instinctively, pressing himself against the opposite wall of the crevice and keeping the fire between him and his enemy. He took him in with a glance, his gold-hilted sword brandished protectively before him.

The older man's sunken eyes were starkly visible in the firelight, his own weapon held out in response to the threat, and the scarlet cross upon his tabard near begging for the strike. "Well now, wolves I was expecting, but not in this form," he spoke quite wryly, his voice that of a man plagued by recent trials.

The Assassin only looked upon him mutely, studying his bearing, and the tense grip upon his glinting broadsword. There was still strength behind it, the resolve not yet dulled from the eyes. The promise of retaliation was written into the Templar's very stance.

He berated himself a little tersely, realizing that he had not heard the other draw his sword – the Crusader had likely been sitting with it at hand, ready for just such an attack. Regretfully, he knew that the wide blade held a distinct advantage in such a choked space.

The Assassin shifted to his left, back towards open air, but the other checked him just as carefully, intercepting him with the warning point of his sword, and forcing him to move in the opposite direction, away from freedom. The enemy smirked, surprisingly at ease even with this phantom of death so close.

"Do not overestimate your own skills, Assassin. I can easily just run you through before you even move."

"Then try it." The challenge was calm, cutting sharp as the mountain wind.

"And he speaks," the Templar remarked coolly, his blade writing warning lines into the air as he backed the younger one deeper into the cave, he evidently knowing his weapon's advantage. "I was beginning to think you had lost your tongue."

"And evidently yours has near withered," he returned rigidly. "Have you been alone so long that you would even strike a conversation with an enemy?"

"The winds aren't much of conversationalists, no," the other mused, starting only slightly as the Assassin feinted, as if testing the water, and they circled again, neither willing to strike first. Between them, the fire only guttered, its shallow light tracing the metal of the swords crossed over it.

The impending duel balanced on a blade's edge, and the very storm itself seemed to still, just for a moment, as either opponent drew a breath and lunged, simultaneous, as if each were the other's shadow on the wall. Tip on tip, then blade and hilt, the two swords met and strained, the high-pitched scrape reverberating painfully against the stone.

Their blades were locked unheedingly, thus in a desperate attempt for an upper hand, both twisted sharply in an attempt to disarm the other. Fortunately – or fatefully – both were successful, and as Templar and Assassin stumbled backward to regain their footing and avoid the flames, they realized that their weapons had both been thrown clear, tumbling out into darkness and snow.

They each snatched at their second weapons, but both paused as if looking into a mirror, realizing that their actions were mimicked, and met draw for draw, strike for strike. The Assassin scowled upon his enemy, hating how closely matched they were.

The other seemed to realize this as well, and with some cautious finality, he met the hooded eyes and slowly released his grip on his sheathed dagger, smirking with a measure of satisfaction as the younger one also relaxed his stance.

"I suppose this is a stalemate." The Assassin's voice was tight, the words spoken in a quiet growl. However, the Crusader only shook his head solemnly, taking a few steps away and looking upon him with lightly mocking pity.

"Not a stalemate, Assassin, a truce. Or do you not recognize one?"

"A truce?" There was a humorless laugh from past the white hood. "I did not think you and your brothers knew of the word."

"You or I may not like it, but a truce, even just for the night, is only fitting."

He tilted his head slightly, confused, and the Crusader clarified, a rueful smile at his lips, "I don't expect you heretics to recognize today, but murderers as you are, you are still men, correct? Not beasts to slay another on such a sacred day?"

The Assassin was silent, knowing what he was referring to, but frowning at it. Motives did not change just because of a special occasion; vendettas did not dull, nor did blades. This day was no different from any other.

"Besides, it is pointless," the man continued, pointedly spreading his hands as if in nonchalance, or an offer of peace, before easily lowering into a sit by the bonfire. "Do you really think us killing each other in the middle of nowhere will actually have an effect on the war?"

"I have my orders, as do you, Templar."

"Ah yes, your orders from a scholar, holed up in his library, and mine from a general, shouting demands from his tent. Yet neither of them care to brave the winter winds next to their men, eh?"

The Assassin did not respond, and much as he disliked it, he could hear the storm picking up just outside, howling and heavy with snowfall. It would be dangerous to travel now, even for someone who well knew the way.

Slowly, he joined the Templar on the ground, sitting across the fire from him at the farthest point possible, his eyes not leaving the other's face. A flash of teeth as his enemy grinned at him, dark amusement visible, though he showed no signs of hostility. "You might as well relax, Assassin. You may not acknowledge our holidays, but I on the other hand would rather not stain my blade tonight, even with the blood of a dog."

He scoffed in response, still guarded, but his tone was light. "You appeal to my being human, then call me a dog. I suppose I should not be surprised of your two-facedness."

The other shrugged, casual in his insults. "You are the infamous jackals of Masyaf, it cannot be helped. Don't deny it, I'm sure you and yours are no less generous in your slanders of us."

"…No, perhaps not."

There was a stretch of silence, he knew not how long, but in it, the Templar watched him with some evident curiosity. "You do not even know my name, do you? Do you ever care to? Those men you kill?"

"Much as you may like to think otherwise, I actually do, yes. The deaths we cause are not as pointless as you'd care to think."

"They do not seem to be for much good, given all the battles and conflicts you seem to spark."

"Ah, but battles are exactly what we wish to cause sometimes." The other raised a questioning brow, and the Assassin went on calmly, "Are you not fighting your precious crusade for the same reason? Battles in exchange for peace?"

A pause, and the older man allowed a bark of a laugh, thoughtlessly tossing more kindling into the fire. "Odd isn't it, how our goals are so similar? Yet your Order so persists in striking a blade into the heart of mine."

"Only so far as yours insists striking one into ours."

"Blow after blow, death after death. It never seems to stop, does it?" the Templar asked with a smirk, though not one quite as venomous as before. "A tiresome battle, but a fair one. With worthy adversaries."

Hesitation, then a solemn nod. "No other battle is worth fighting."

The hour passed as such, and the moon began to make brief appearances through the winding cloak of clouds, sparking the snow with brief patches of light and marking the gentling of the storm. The Assassin glanced to the hushing embers of the fire, tending to it absently and stirring up the flames again - his eyes leaving the other for the first time since he had sat down.


He tensed slightly, nearly having forgotten that he was in the presence of an enemy, but the Crusader had not moved, and spoke quite nonchalantly, "I was sent here to search for the location of your base. Regretfully, I may have to report that there was nothing up here but snow and the lonely wind."

His brow furrowed as he realized the implications, but the Assassin only hesitated slightly as he stood, accepting the indirect invitation to leave. "A shame, truly. Though you may try your luck at the nearest town from here, to the west, only two hours journey on foot."

The Templar nodded, the barest of gratitude, which was answered by a slight bow in farewell. The wind was quiet now, as if in respect of these promises that would not be mentioned again. A final exchange as the Assassin stepped onto the silent snow upon the mountain, but still he did not look back.

"Joyeux Noel, ami."

"…Excuse me?"

"It's nothing, jackal. Be gone, the battle can wait."

They said nothing further as they parted, realizing that none would ever know of this night of spoken gifts, just one of the many threads in the tempest. He was not a general, or a lieutenant of the cross, and he in turn was not a master, or the famed eagle of Masyaf.

History would never care to know their names, but perhaps that did not matter.

A Speech From The Lupin!

Presented by Il Lupo


She brings Eggnog aswell, how nice. ^^

Hey there, fellow wikians. I'm here to spread a little message of peace and goodwill as the Christmas tide comes in on the 25th of December. You may not know who I am or why I'm talking to you, but before setting fire to your computer with cries of 'What sorcery is this?!', I'd like you to hear my message and remember it for 2012. Now, we're all fans of Assassin's Creed, are we not? That's why we're all here, to show how much we love this video game series and to help it along as much as we can. And I'm assuming that one of the reasons we love this game is because of the way Assassins sacrifice themselves to give what they've been denied to ordinary people like you and me.

So now, on the eve of Christmas, remember the sacrifices or dinary people have made in order to give you life and freedom. Though you may not know it, your life exists because of others. Give thanks to the people that give so much of themselves for your sake. And remember, giving to other people is a way of making your own immortal mark on the world. Christmas is the best time for this; be charitable! Be generous! Be everything that humans, at heart, can be!

--This message in a bottle is from Il Lupo, your friendly neighbourhood wolf.

A Gift From Blaidd

Here's a little treat provided by the one and only, 'R BlaiddDdraig. Give him a round of applause... or not, I frankly don't care either way. xD

Presented by 'R BlaiddDdraig

My only Noteworthy ACR MP Tip

Alrighty then, so I only recently acquired XBL and have therefore only played ACR MP for a short amount of time. Though I've become quite good rather fast, and have developed several tactics for most game types. Unfortunately though, they're not so much "tactics" as "things that I like to do because they help me win and usually work". However, one is very useful, easy to use, and spans many game modes. I'm going to call it... hmmm, umm... oh, wait... no. You know what? We'll just call it a "thing". I discovered the thing, the thing works, now I'll teach the thing, so don't question the thing.

The Thing!

AC Brotherhood icon Smoke Bomb

To do this thing, no specific Abilities are needed, and only one Perk. Though of course with different Abilities and Perks you can expand on its use and efficiency. This works best for games where you need to hide, so Manhunt, Corruption, and Steal The Artifact. Of course for these games though, you also need to find people. So here's what I use: Abilities – Smokebomb, because you should always have a Smokebomb; can't go wrong with Smokebombs, so versatile. The other is Templar Vision, for the times when you need to find people, giving a big "FUCK YOU" to people hiding in crowds of themselves. Perks – Blender is the must have Perk, which, after walking into a crowd of people, will morph one of them into your character. The other Perk I have is Overall Cooldown, because like the Smokebomb, it's just something everyone should be making use of.

Hide and Survive

So to do this, you need to be in a situation where you're fighting for your life... although without much actual fighting, you're really just trying to hide and stay alive as long as possible. Now before I continue, I will say this: this thing works almost every time, I'd say 100%... but every tactic has some weakness, so I won't. Also, "theoretically" this thing should only work once, it's incredibly useful but also completely obvious and your enemies should figure it out instantly after one use. However, "practically" this is not the case. I've been able to do this multiple times in one match (I know that's risky, and they do eventually get me when I'm too slow with the Smokebomb or don't have it ready yet; but... You've got to risk it, to get the biscuit), to this date, my record is three times on one person. To begin, you're legging it around the map looking for a place to hide, what you're looking for specifically is a haystack with a crowd of people near it, which most haystacks do have near them. Now run into the crowd, and wait for one to morph into you, then dive into the haystack and wait patiently for your pursuers to track you down to that specific area, and most of the time, they will fall for the decoy, earning you a nice 100 point Lure Bonus. From here, you have several options.

The Options

If there is another character who looks like you in the area, stay hidden and hope your pursuer earns you another 100 points. Or, if you feel capable of it, while your pursuer is killing the decoy, jump out of the hay, and stun them for a nice 200 points, then run like fuck, cus when they recover, they're gonna be pissed and they're gonna be looking for you. So you can either keep running, or repeat the thing (this is the option I usually choose). The final option is similar to the previous. Maybe you left it a bit late, or didn't notice your pursuer had killed the decoy, so you can either hope for the best and stay in the hay, in which case (assuming they are not retarded... which quite a surprising amount of players can be) they'll find and kill you, or you can leg it for the nearest chase breaker, and either keep running and hide, or look for a new haystack and repeat.

Now that you know what it is, you can see how obvious it is and why it should only work once, but like I said... the stupidity of some players can surprise you. Hope this helps. Now in the comments, please give plenty of feedback such as; improvements, flaws, complaints (in which case explain why it's not working and I'll try and come up with a work around), or anything else you can think of, I'm always looking to perfect a tactic, especially as new ones can sometimes spawn from it.

That Guy... Don't Be That Guy


To conclude.. this doesn't actually have anything to do with my tactic, but one of TheSt0ryTeller's, called "Run and Gunned". Don't EVER use this. Why? Because it involves the Hidden Gun. Don’t use the Hidden Gun. Don't be that guy who kills everyone with the Hidden Gun. Nobody likes that guy who uses the Hidden Gun. Even if you're not our target, we will band together and just run at you to push you off your fucking roof or camping spot and wait for your pursuer to end your miserable existence. Then we shall repeat it until you get the message. You have been warned.

Note:That is true, it's only a good technique if you don't want to be killed. I agree fully about this because the gun guy is basically acknowledging he/she is in fact, a coward. Why did I add it? It can be useful to cowards. - Teller

Old Memes

New Memes

My Den Defence Stratagem

So most of us have played ACR now, and it's a relatively good game. But from my own experience, and what I've seen from the many people requesting help on the IRC, I've concluded that the "Den Defence" is a complete bitch. I thought the same when I first played it. Luckily though, I caught onto a good strategy very early and I've become a bit of a pro at it. I average a score of 85% and above, my record being 99%. But let's not focus on high percentages, after all that's not what you care about. If it is what you care about then you need not read onward cus you've clearly figured out your own strategy. Anyway, no, what you people want is a plain and simple way to survive these things, and here it is.

Another Gun? Machine Gun? It's Shit! Deal with it!

So this works for almost every round, though notice the rounds change as you progress in them. The one I'm referring to that this isn't a guaranteed victory is the third Den Defence you do. You've just unlocked the piece. of. shit. Machine Gun; don't bother using it, it's terrible. Your enemy has been given a cannon... or catapult, something like that that can attack your Den from a distance. I still use my strategy for this round.. mostly because I don't know any other that would work, it's just a very difficult Den Defence unlike all the others. But I digress, back to the strategy which should work for all Den Defences (except that dastardly third round, but use it anyway).

The Stratagem


Before we get right into it, keep in mind that you should ALWAYS be taking units out with your Hidden Gun as well. It's quick and kills all soldiers in one shot. Also, it won't earn you a good score, but make good use of the cannon if need be, though remember that it only has eight shots, use them wisely. Finally, when I'm referring to numbered rounds, I'm not including the tutorial memory. To begin, place Master Assassins on each available rooftop in order to control as many areas as possible, then with the remaining morale, buy crossbowmen, as they are cheap, quick to reload, and will kill most soldiers with one shot. Along with your Hidden Gun, that should hold off the first wave. For the next wave, spread the earned morale among more crossbowmen and riflemen.

The riflemen are the key to this strategy, in the absence of offensive barricades, riflemen are all that can stop the siege machines, so you need to start stocking them early, putting them on rooves closer to your Den, as the siege machine will bash through any barricades you have eventually. Though also place them in the heat of the action, as they will kill what the crossbowmen can't and gives them an early start to the siege machine. For the third wave, install an offensive barricade if you have one available. Greek Fire is good, but fairly useless on siege machines. The Machine Gun is all-round crap; it's fast, but only kills one, maybe two soldiers at a time, and does shit all against siege machines. The one you really want, is the Cannon barricade, however you don't get that until you succeed in the dreaded third Den Defence. So still in the third wave, maybe during it, upgrade this offensive barricade and place Assassins behind it, whilst still ensuring you have a good amount of crossbowmen and riflemen on the rooves.

So we're up to the fourth wave... and also where I get kind of forgetful of how many waves there are, but the most important things are done now, so it's not important. To prepare for the fourth wave, or even earlier if you have the morale, as I sometimes put these two unit types in during the second wave. Place two Air Assassins on each side, near your barricade, or center of the zone. They can kill two guards attacking your barricades, and will deploy a smokebomb on impact to distract others in the area. Once they finish that, they will return to their original position on the rooftop, awaiting another opportunity to strike. Don't get any more than two, it's unnecessary and takes up space on the rooves, as well as wasting morale which could be used in much better ways.

Now, in almost exactly the same way, make use of either the Caltrop or Splinter Bombers. Position two of these units near the front of the area, on opposite sides. They will immediately catch those riflemen who are killing your Assassins, or just a group of soldiers before they can do anything. If you're using Caltrops, then that will stun them and prevent them from moving or attacking, giving you and your Assassins plenty of time to pick them off. If it's the Splinter Bomber, then that's even better. It instantly kills them and removes the need for you or your Assassins to target them. Just like the Air Assassins, no more than two are required. Still for the fourth wave, use the remaining morale to stock the fuck up on riflemen, riflemen, and more riflemen. Then for the rest of the round, it's just riflemen, make your rooftops lined with them, and that siege machine won't do shit to your base.


Though also make sure your barricade is prepared for that siege machine, it will take away a decent amount of health from the siege machine before being destroyed (unless you have really stocked up on riflemen quite well and they destroy it, though this is not usually the case). To the fifth wave, I've now completely lost track of what comes here, it's either the siege machine, or more troops. The machine will then come in sixth or even seventh (if there is a sixth or seventh wave). As you can tell, I have really lost count, but as I also said, the important things are out of the way, and now you just follow the set routine of riflemen and ensuring your offensive barricade is prepared, i.e. completely upgraded with Assassins placed behind it. Now that's basically it, just hope for the best. Remember, if in doubt, riflemen are the answer, as well as just common sense. Of course if this is your first Den Defence and don't yet have an offensive barricade... well by now you should know what to replace them with. Also, keep in mind that for your fourth Den Defence I think it is, maybe fifth (just check the enemy information), a siege machine won't actually appear, making that round very easy, although they increase the amount of soldiers, so don't completely underestimate it.

Finally, keep this in mind because it's easy to overlook and miss. These guys appear... well I'm not exactly sure when, but it's rather late, sometime after your third Den Defence I think. I can't remember their unit name, but they appear on your rooves and knife down your Assassins very quickly. Your Assassins will fight back, but not very quickly or effectively, so keep a constant eye on your rooves, and take these guys out yourself. Luckily they are small in numbers and only about 10 will appear throughout the entire Den Defence, but how quickly you kill these soldiers will decide whether you win or lose. Cus they can completely break your strategy in a matter of seconds, putting you off your game, getting you distracted, and creating a ripple effect which just completely fucks you up. So be on the lookout for them at all times. Plus, I've told this (a more simplified version) to those people I mentioned on the IRC, and it has worked for them too, so it should certainly work for everyone else.

Last Notes!

Questions, comments, complaints? Leave it in the comments and I'll get back to you. Oh, just thought of this now, and can't be fucked to find a more suitable place for it in the guide. Most people should know this, but just in case you don't, it's a great help. When moving the cursor thing over dead bodies, press B or.. Circle I think PS3 has and it will loot them. This not only gives you money and bomb ingredients (which isn't really important) but can also give you more morale points.

Note: Tested and Succeeded by me and clearly, Blaidd himself. - Teller

Compiled by Falco, Lupo and I: Presenting the Wikian Alliance

Presented by Il Falcone, Il Lupo and TheSt0ryTeller

People, what you had just witnessed here was the unveiling of the new ACWikian Templar Alliance. A bunch of editors dedicated to AC Multiplayer! Sounds interesting don't it? BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!

Meet the 360 peeps


Let's meet the 360 peeps. These are the men and women who play on Xbox360, the team (or opponent) you'll be pairing off with.

TheSt0ryTeller (Jaguar2600) (represented by the Doctor) - Co-Squad Leader - Fighter - Prestige

'R BlaiddDdraig (Tazza4077) (represented by the Sentinel) - Co-Squad Leader - Fighter - Prestige

Il Lupo (ThanatorSlayer) (represented by the Prowler) - Co-Squad Leader - Fighter

JayZeach (JAYJAY4eva) (represented by the Footpad) - Fighter

Subject 12 (RaghavB147852) (represented by the Deacon - Fighter

Vacant - Fighter

Meet the PS3 peeps


War Clown (Represented by the Renegade) - Temporary PS3 Squad Leader

Dop3man80 (Represented by the Ottoman Jester) - Fighter

Assassinist (Represented by the Crusader) - Fighter

Amnestyyy (Represented by the Trickster) - Fighter

Vacant - Fighter

Meet the PC peeps


Elchzard (Represented by the Ottoman Doctor) - Co-Squad Leader

Il Falcone (Represented by the Deacon ) - Co-Squad Leader

AssassinHood (Represented by the Count) - Fighter

Vacant - Fighter

Santa's Bad Day

One particular Christmas season a long time ago, Santa was getting ready for is annual trip, but there were problems everywhere. Four of his elves got sick, and the trainee elves did not produce the toys as fast as the regular ones so Santa was beginning to feel the pressure of being behind schedule. Then Mrs. Claus told Santa that her mom was coming to visit. This stressed Santa even more. When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two had jumped the fence and were out, heaven knows where. More stress. Then when he began to load the sleigh one of the boards cracked, and the toy bag fell to the ground and scattered the toys. So, frustrated, Santa went into the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum.

When he went to the cupboard, he discovered that the elves had hidden the liquor, and there was nothing to drink. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider pot, and it broke into hundreds of little pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found that mice had eaten the straw end of the broom. Just then the doorbell rang, and irritable Santa trudged to the door. He opened the door, and there was a little angel with a great Christmas tree. The angel said, very cheerfully, "Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn't it a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?" Thus began the tradition of the little angel on top of the Christmas tree.

Note: My friend showed me this over claiming a friend had shown him. I do not know where this joke originated and if the owner has any problems direct their attention to the message wall of myself and I'll see that it's dealt with.

Teller's Guide to Kicking Ass at Multiplayer

Presented to you by Yours Truly

Want to know sh** about Multiplayer? You've come to the right place. Let's look at the Game Modes.

Note: These may take some time to grow accustomed to considering there are ways you can still be defeated. This isn't a guide to make you immune to death, only to make you bring out the death. In Style.

Artifact Assault Tips


If all your other teammates have gone to take on your opponents for the Artifact, don't join them. Guard your artifact with your life. Literally.

The Tripwire and Knives Solution

If you have the basic tripwire and knives. Use them, place a tripwire right in the middle. It will lure out your opponent and subject them to either running out or triggering the tripwire bomb. If they trigger it, move in for the kill. If you see it stolen and your target running away, this is where the knives come in handy. Lock onto your fleeing target and throw the knives. Charge in for the kill. Thus, saving your Artifact. If your target is close enough to kill after knives, fast walk to him and take out the bastard.

The Hidden Man

ACR MP Deacon 001

Normal disguise and firecrackers? No problem, if you look up at the right indicator and see it starting to blue. Disguise yourself and hide, you're the hidden man in this scenario, as he approaches walk up to your target and snick him with a blade. Now, if a target comes up and you know he's grouped just not which one is which, use your firecrackers to weasel out your target and murder the poor f**ker.

Bomb Shot

You'll require smokebombs and the hidden gun to perform the Bomb Shot. If you're on higher ground and see a target running towards the artifact, aim your bomb in the center of the "circle" which your artifact is in and chuck the bomb as soon as your target gets in. Lock onto him/her quickly and aim your hidden gun. Once it's perfect lined up. Fire! Your target's dead and your artifact's safe.


Too much defense? You need offense on your side, time to charge up and steal that artifact!

Bomb It And Run It!

ACR MP Artefact Mode

You got smokebombs and a teleport? Awesome, charge down to the Artifact of your enemies while carefully avoiding your pursuers. Put yourself right in the center or far away from high ground and drop the smokebomb and use the teleport but make sure you have the artifact before doing it. You should be somewhere else, charge down while using as many chasebreakers as you can until you make it back to your base.

The Knives and Tripwire Solution (Offense)

This may be trickier to pull off. Firstly, identify your pursuer near the artifact. Chuck a tripwire bomb where you intend to make your escape, throw the knife at your pursuer and slither into the circle. Once your target has spotted you, run for your life making sure you go past your tripwire bomb. As your target touches it, BOOM! He's distracted and you gain more time. Time that will help you make your way back to base for the point.

Corruption Tips

Corrupt the uncorrupted? Easy peasy mates! 2 Tips only, I hardly play this game mode.

Wow... You Just Got Hacked!

You're the guy.. the corrupted guy of course! It's Sudden Death, your opponent is cowering somewhere, oh no! Can't find him, you run in hopes but you know the others will get there before you. Instead, use your little Animus Hack to help you gain a Sudden Death bonus!

Shhh..... They're After Me!

This will only work if you've got the Morph ability and are near a Hiding Spot. You're pursuer is after you, you know that eventually you'll be found or killed, or will you? No, with the help of the Morph 'n' Hide technique, you'll manage. Morph a nearby crowd, they should all look similar to your character, then stow yourself away in a hiding spot. They'll most likely try to strike one of the morphed men/women. Stun 'em, run away.. like a boss.

Deathmatch Tips

Need Help At Deathmatch? No Problem!

Tripwire Closure


Your target running 'round the corner, knowing he's gonna run through the chasebreaker? No problem. While he's inside, use the Closure ability to close it up and then throw a tripwire bomb right in front of it. Or the other way round. As soon as it opens, they're bound to go running right through then *boom*, smoke will come out and that's when you swoop in for the kill. How you deliver the deadly strike is entirely up to you.

Run and Gunned

For this you'll require a Smokebomb and the Hidden Gun. If you see your opponent charging around making it seemingly obvious that he's not only your target but someone else's pursue. If you have no pursuer on you than this should work. Get on a rooftop and aim your smokebomb to where you think your target is gonna go. If he's around 5 seconds from getting to that spot through it down and lock onto him. Aim the gun and shoot. He dies, you get points. It's that easy.

Calling Hax

You got Closure and the Animus Hack? You want to kick some ass and walk away looking all bosslike, well.. do you? Here's what you do. Begin the chase on your target, fuck incognito bonuses, you want to look fucking epic, chase your opponent and lead him through the door chasebreaker. As soon as he's in use the closure ability. He knows his trapped and probably screwed so what do you do, use hacks and take him out. He's left confused and you're left looking like a boss. (Thank 'R BlaiddDdraig for telling me about the awesomeness of the Animus hack.)

Poisonous Gases

Smoke bombs and Poison, fun for the whole family. Your opponent may be blending in and you want BIG points. Hide yourself in a spot he's most likely to walk past. He's walking past you and you're afraid he's gonna contest your kill? No problem, lay down one of these smokin' bombs and poison the man. Hide yourself away, just in case you may lose the bonus. (Happened to me in AC:Brotherhood) He dies, you get points. You wait for your next target. A perfect kill, if you get variety bonuses, even better.

Assassinate Tips

Last Man Standing

Renegade multiplayer concept image

This can be taken in many ways, if you want the "Untouchable" accolade, then lurk inside a hiding spot. You notice your target's locked onto you, "oh no! He's gonna get me!" You think he's gonna get you? WRONG! Lay down that smokebomb and lay your fist into his/her face. Once stunned you're left with two options. You can either teleport away in fear or kill the person for points. Either way, you'll get points.. just not as much from teleporting.

Tactical Operations

If you've played Assassinate you'll see that people tend to crowd up in the center, so this is where you'll lurk with a poison ability by your side. You cannot go wrong with this, well, you can. Lock onto your target and slow him down with some throwing knives, slither down to him and place your poison, quickly retreat. Seen but unseen.

Top Gun!

The man with the gun, that annoying prick that gets on your nerves that lays a bullet into your back no matter where you turn. You want to avoid the bullet, ahem, well a friendly smokebomb is what you need, yes the 1 epic awesome skill that helps you in Artifact Assault returns. This is a way for revenge, a way to feed that bastard to the fucking sharks. You see the rat bastard on close to you, aiming the gun at you, ready to screw you over, bitch thinks wrong. You chuck a smokebomb at him and stun him. Leaving him down and his opponent to take that ass down a peg, BUT, do us all a favor, if you see him aiming the gun at you and shoot, take Blaidd's advice find ways to push him off because nobody likes the guy with the Hidden Gun.

Note:You may have noticed alot of swearing in this, why? Because I cannot stand getting shot down by retards in MP, it's annoying. NOBODY LIKES THE GUY WITH THE GUN! ---Teller

Chest Capture Tips

Chests, Chests and, guess what? MORE CHESTS!

Note: I mainly specialize in Artifact Assault so these tips may not be as complex. Easy for you aye?


You like defending those chests? You think they're gonna take it aye? Not while you're on watch.

The Leaping Man


For this, all you require is a tripwire bomb and a high ledge close to you. This is a fairly simple technique and easy to use. You want to be closer to getting a variety bonus? Easy, lay down a tripwire bomb in the middle (or edge, whichever you prefer) of the "Chest Circle". As soon as your enemy comes slow walking (or fast) and triggers it, swoop in for the kill. If this opponent is running then easily just swoop and spare yourself the loss of a tripwire.

The Hidden Man (Target)

Note: This ability can be merged in with The Leaping Man.

All you require to complete this is a Tripwire Bomb and Templar Vision. You see your target may have morphed or is hiding with 2 or 3 of his own character. Use Templar Vision to detect him, plant down the tripwire bomb where you think he might go and wait for him to cross it. As soon as you hear the explosion, it's time for you to go in for the kill. Your chest is safe and you'll be given time for your abilities to be charged.

The Hidden Man (You)

Screenshot 268467 thumb wide940

All you need is your average Poison, good observational skills and last but not least, a hiding place. You're once again, the hidden man. Hide yourself and wait for your target to enter, you'll notice that as soon as someone gets in, the Animus lady will say "Chest Letter is under attack", that's how you'll identify them. Once they're close, swoop in with the poison and quickly send it to your target. Hide once again and you may seem him stop in his tracks and fall to the ground.


Second Round Offensive!

Decoyed Smoke

You need the Decoy ability and a smoke bomb. Use your decoy to lure out your pursuer, he (or she) will surely come out and attempt to kill the decoy, little does he/she know, it's a decoy. Tries to kill it? Swoop in with a smokebomb and unleash the pain! By stunning them. Now you wait, in hopes that the Chest will be captured before your pursuer wakes up and hangs your head on their wall.

It's A Trap!

Chasebreakers, smokebombs and the closure ability, cannot go wrong. Make yourself obvious they'll try and chase you, lead them through the chasebreaker and when the door closes, lurk in the center. As soon as the door swings open, charge down the other side and the door will close behind you. If your target waits for it to swing open, throw a smokebomb down right before it opens again and then use closure. Though when using it, make sure you do it right near a Chest and capture that baby.


You liked the Tips? Want more? Leave a message in the comments and I'll add more A.S.A.P. You're wondering why some Game Modes are missing, organizing this blog was no cakewalk and business over the holidays gets the better of me. So, as I said, want more? Leave a message in the comment section below! ^^

Last Minute Note

Oh, before I forget.


Yeah, the writing is hard to read. Mistake on my part but it gets the message across. So yeah, leave a message in the comments below and I'll put you into this list below. Everybody is welcome!

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Merry Christmas everyone. ^^

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