-Me waits for applause to end-

Thank you, thank you. I've got good news everyone. I'm back and rested. Although I was scheduled to come back on Saturday, I'm coming now. ^_^ Exciting, ain't it? Anyways, I'd like to thank my fill in and executive, Dots for taking over while I was away. Now, check out the logo. Pretty cool aye? This is our official logo. Yep, sorry Dots but I had to choose and since this is PRIMARILY our wiki group, it should resemble something from the Wiki and why not the Assassin's insignia? Aye? Anyway... Soon enough. I being a person of all things avatar except faces, will make a Sandbox FOR HQI to put up there workings. It will be a Work in Progress and will take abit, or not. Who cares? Anyway. Not much else to tell. I'm back and more awesome then before. Teller out and welcome to High Quality Images Inc. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Teller Words, On my Screen :O 08:39, September 15, 2011 (UTC)

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