Greetings people of ACWiki, Teller here presenting all you people with something that's annoying me. I'll tell you a story of what happened in Music class, heed my words. Heed them well people.

TheSt0ryTeller's Music Class Chair Fight

Ol' Man Teacher: "Settle down class!"
Student 1: "Fuck you Mr.Douche"
―The Musical Class Chair Fight.[src]

Alright, well, it's one hot as day at school, we're just chilling (not pun intended) and all of a sudden I see a Year 8 kid run out holding a chair chasing another. We all laugh and decide "Chair fight!" and we all grab a plastic chair and start swinging them at each, people are rolling under tables, chairs are flying and the "nerdy" kids are cowering in the corner, being the man I am, I went out there and battled with my best friend. The battle was long and the Teacher tried to calm us down but we relent. One student call him "Mr. Douche" and we all had a laugh, in the end, we're all abit bruised and lying on the ground, exhausted.


Important Note

"I em 12 and wat is dis?"
―A user with horrible grammar. -.-[src]

Over the couple months I've been here, I've noticed hundreds of anons bitching about the Admins, insulting other users and, in the IRC, come on for 5 seconds then leave but that one, albeit annoying, is not the case. You can come online and insult another, though it's not the right thing to do and will most likely get you banned, but at least have the balls to sign in and not be an Anon. Also, use proper grammar, I cannot stress this enough, when some says "I fing that Cellu is farggy" or anything like that, I read it out as it sounds to make you look stupid, although your grammar already shows that. So think before you insult one another, you shouldn't, but if you do, at least let me read it properly. Cannot stress this enough.

BlaiddDdraig Presents: ACWiki Memes

We have memes presented to us by the one and only BlaiddDdraig:

A Last Minute Note

Another riddle dill dee, care to hear my story indeed. You already did, that was my tale, the tale of how much TST failed. Here is a riddle, try and correct it. It is like weed, you'll never detect it. -Evil Grin-

"For some I go fast, for others I'm slow. To most people, I'm an obsession, relying on me is a well practiced lesson. What am I?"

Answer to come in.

Now, before we end this blog, another helpful guide is soon to come. Part 3 of the "This Wiki and You" which will give you a better understanding of source mode editing.


That's it for today folks, Teller says goodbye and Nanu Nanu! ^_^

--Teller Words, On my Screen :O 09:37, November 6, 2011 (UTC)