Hello people, Teller here. :D Yes, the one and only! I bow to one, but he's on hiatus, okay... I'm starting to be egotistical and I apologize. Anyways this is HQI Inc. (High Quality Images Inc.) And we're proud to present, RANK AVATARS aswell as OUR EXECUTIVES (2)

Rank Avatars

Rank Avatars shall state a users rank.... there are 5 Ranks (Normal, Apprentice, Istruttori, Sysop and Crat.) The normal, Sysop and Crat rank avatars are still to be created. I used one Rank box experiment in a contest which is still going, check it out and vote. It cost me abit but we now have a way of doing things. Okay



The guy above is Barney Stinson FYI. ;)



The guy is from Dante's Inferno. Anyway, it's pretty cool aye? You can get a normal one if you are a regular editor and I'll design it or leave it up to my employees (I love saying that) or myself to make it. We here at HQI Inc are one and we share the bad avatars aswell as the good.


Yes, I have my own little minions! Nah, just kidding, these 2 are here for you and I. My 2 executives: Elchzard and Dotman! (Say a speech in the comment section below) These 2 will be given assignments from me and or a higer if there's a higer! :D <Insert witty remark here>

They're ready and willing for it! Give them a clap people! :D

Nanu Nanu and Happy Editing ^_^ Teller Words, On my Screen :O 11:42, August 19, 2011 (UTC)

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