Don't look at the Banned Guy,

and he gets kicked away.

There's a man whose vandelling some page.

War_Clown’s really close.

Pan down the wiki

DCello turning, War Is rocking.

Bans a guy, and while Cello’s talking,

words appear after he is kicked.

A mute and kick because of this page and you're banned.

Banned an anon by the way.

Damaged anon talking up.

Anon got away but it could use some skill.

Teller go away.

War just needs to sit back and relax,

gets off, then the wiki’s background’s black.

He gets back on and then everyone says GOODBYEEE.

Not enough space,

Mute yourself,

Ban vandals out of frame.

Get on then chat dies.

Stare at your screen,

Nooby Editing

Don't get sucked into the Creed,

Smiley face,


Blaidd approves.

Kick an Anon,

Ban an Anon,

Banned by admin,

Make a hack, Fall into 

IRC Chat is blurry.

Move a little closer.

Bring back, banning,

Bad noob editing,

Both Eyes, Blurry,

Ban a noob then laugh.

Nooby vandel text distracts the admin,

so they laugh.


Machiavelli for some reason.

Banning, Muting, Kicking, Typing.

You should probably get a new acount...


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