“I am nothing but a man, I am a killer and yes I am willing to do it again. Fate had lead me to this position in time and no I would never change it. My name is Altezosso Omicidio and I am an Assassin.”

A man was running through the streets of Rome, he panted but kept running. The man turned at every point, his black vest got caught on a nail near a pillar and so had to abandon it, his leather boots all muddy and wet. This man couldn’t take the running any more and so he stopped and gasped for breath but in the distance he saw a figure that he didn’t want to see, the figure emerged from the shadows, his black hooded robe was blowing in the distance and his sword was stuck in it’s scabbard and laced up tightly. The man screamed for the guards but nobody could here him with the moonlit sky shining over the Colleseum, the hooded man charged towards him and leapt forward with a blade like object flashing from his wrist and tackled him down with the blade shoving in his neck.

“Rest in Peace” the hooded man said while closing the eyes of his fallen victim. An eagle soared through the sky, screeching as the man thought it was music to his ears. The hooded man looked up and charged through the streets of Rome and felt on top of the world, he leapt over rivers until he approached a small building. The man heard noises coming from the distance, so he dived into the Tiber River.

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