Blaidd is the
Right Hand
Of the Boss Man
How'd get to that place
Help out the
Boss man
That's what admins are for
Ban a noob, times 4
Mute noobs, ban a man when he vandels
He could be badge hunting
Slow Fade
Ban the noobs who are vandal
Thinking ahead
Help the admins
I am
Teaching my apprentice
When I'm away
Get him to heights
Oh shit
How'd get higher than me
He won't fail
Because I've read
He won't let me down alright
He feels great
OH GOD! Cmon!
Whoever made that Blog is gonna pay
Enter big noob with a page
Undo the blog
You can ban the big noob
Then you see big noob
Joined by some other noobs
Run Up
In slow motion mute a noob in the IRC
Kick his friend
Turn around
Run off
Ban Anon
Start off in slow motion first
Then use a speed ban
Grab an apprentice
Use him
And reflect
Then rank him up
Put in an assignment just in time
Placed a bad render without a face
Ban the bad Anon
Why unleash Admin Blaidd
Just do it on your own
Time Out
Let me make my render
In Slow Mo
I am the best admin
That Joke is not as False

Why do you lie
Who the hell was the guy
Another noob
Don't let him get away
Or he'll bad edit a page
And get away with it
Bad Noob with a page
Sick-Steen plans his escape
Noob waits patiently
Steen just muted me
And all the bad anons pee themselves
Bad Noob calls them off
With his left hand
Slow Dramatic Zoom Ban
Doesn't phase
A man in command
Big Bad Noob lies
Sentence Steen to try
Then he sees Cello
From the last song
Why can't we all
Get Along
With each Admin
Approval from Blaidd
And after you are promoted
Leap of Faith
Nod at the Blaidd and noobs are banned
Everywhere Noobs are banned


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