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  • My occupation is EB Games Cashier
  • TheSt0ryTeller

    Good day to you people, I hope we are all doing well. Now, to the point!

    I've taken the time out of my busy schedule to present you all with a short survey where you can give your opinions to us so we can try and "better" the Wiki as a whole. It's not long, it's only 8 questions and would barely be called an inconvenience to some. This shows how much we'd respect your opinions and we just wish for you people to answer honestly and sensibly. That's all.

    Click here for the survey!

    --Teller Words, On my Screen :O 23:25, April 26, 2013 (UTC)

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  • TheSt0ryTeller

    Heya people, Teller here just reminding you all of our outstanding Apprentice Initiative! Run by the new Dai Amnesty, the initiative is a big bonus for many of our users aspiring to become Staff. In the following blog we will discuss the proceeding topics;

    • The benefits
    • What it means to be an Apprentice
    • Responsibilities you'll be forced to uphold

    But before we go into that, I'd like to make mention that I myself and many other staff (or former staff members) were Apprentices at one stage and it was a great experience.

    With the responsibilities of the Initiative comes benefits towards it;

    • Your assigned mentor will help you with revamps and will aid you in improving your editing and perhaps even knowledge of the Assassin's Creed universe.
    • You'll get a…

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  • TheSt0ryTeller

    Hello people, your Bibliotecario Capo here presenting to you the first bi-monthly Fanon Appreciation blog. Before starting I just want to add a quick note that there were many choices which were as awesome as the ones I have in store and you can feel free to list them in the comments. The reason I started this blog segment?

    • To present some worthwhile fanons to the public.
    • Provide some worthy entertainment.
    • So I could make a blog. (It's been awhile)

    I have been granted permission to use the following artists publications in this blog, so let's get started.

    Now, this one is a fan series in the making, I wouldn't have known about it if my brother hadn't shown me it and I must say they're doing quite the job. Now, this tale is supposedly set into Vic…

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  • TheSt0ryTeller

    Happy New Year ACWiki!

    Hello you handsome and beautiful members of the community! Well, another year has passed and we have chosen to reflect on some of the most notable parts of this year. 2013... Wow. How it has come so quickly and what a year it is bound to be!

    • The 2-3 year developed game, Assassin's Creed 3, was released..
    • Our former bureaucrat, D. Cello, left and two new bureaucrats were made in charge; congratulations to Master Sima Yi & Vatsa1708
    • A number of Staff members had left and new staff were gained; congratulations to Kaloneous, Stormbeast & Slate Vesper.
    • Amnesty went through a voting process and gained Administration status.
    • The new bureaucrats had decided to make some changes to the rules and allow more public decisions to be mad…

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  • TheSt0ryTeller

    Ah, greetings people and here we are at the end of another year. This is the time where we should be with our loved ones and trying to get drunk off the luxurious product known as eggnog. But instead you're at the Wiki because you love its users and you want to read a nice little holiday blog on behalf of myself (Teller) and the friendly community of the Wikia.

    with Toppers T. McConnery

    Hey Labi, YO RJ, lay down a beat for me boyos.

    Now picture this, if you will. A rather handsome lookin' chap, cigarette in hand, a lady's buttocks in the other. He's soaking up the flames those burning logs are throwin' a-forward. He's about to tell you a story -- the story of how the young Heyzeus was brought into our charming little corner…

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