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  • TheSecretUchiha

    First of all,just pointing out some..glitches or bugs about this weapon.Nothing important,but maybe interesting?

    It seems that some guards-actually I only found two-one being a officer in the frontier and another one in the tunnels under New York,seem to somehow have this weapon,wierd.It can be taken from them though,and have two swords,something like having two swords of altair(if someone remembers that).

    Haytham Kenway,seems to somehow have it himself.Yet I'm not exactly sure if in combat,in the mission father and son,he has while fallowing him,but not in combat...wierd.

    Yet another thing,I tried to replay a memory(doubt it matters wich one)and the sword got REPLACED,with a axe(no ideea which one),I had it before replaying the memory,after …

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