I believe that this new assassin's creed will be one of the greatest assassin's creed installments because couple of reasons why. Well far most because assassin's creed unity didn't meet it's quota I mean like what they added in was fantastic fighting styles being able to attack with a whole new variety of weapons, and whole armory of different variety's of color's and outfits. But what they messed up on was the fact that the graphics didn't meet the game very well, like for multiplayer mainly, but how glitchy and buggy it was. But let's get into discussion about Syndicate well what we should look foward to. Because if they mess up on this one they are for sure done with the assassin's creed frachise and will loose a ton of money. 

   This Assassin's Creed: Syndicate I belive will feature everything that the fans will want, such as maybe boat battles and or way awesome fighting styles, also bringing back way's to get to places faster such as carriages and horses. I don't know if this all is true but I feel like it will be, so far they have done good like think of a gaming series that hasn't messed up, Halo hell to the no. They messed up on a lot too like yeah to some people thought Halo: Wars was fun but to me I hated it, it got boreing quick, or Halo 4 I mean it's got a good storyline and all but what happened to the multiplayer zombies? What I'm trying to get at here is that I want people to look at the bright side Ubisoft listens to there fans they will try to make this like assassin's creed 2 where people started to like the creed franchise and got into it. I feel this next installment will be crazy good and I might be the only one going to game stop and pre-ordering this kick-ass game.

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