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  • TheDarkKnightHasRisen

    I think we can all agree that the Haytham Kenway missions in AC III were the low-point of the game. However, I certainly thought Connor was awesome. I was just wondering what everybody thought about the developers staying in the Kenway family for Black Flag. Edward seems interesting enough, to me. What does everybody think?

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  • TheDarkKnightHasRisen

    The Assassin's Creed 3 launch trailer was just released. Here's a link:

    Super excited! What do you guys think of the trailer?

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  • TheDarkKnightHasRisen

    I'm sure ALL of you have seen the new Connor Story Trailer. If not, here's a link:

    Ok, now you've all seen it, I just wanted to ask what everyone thinks about the stages of Connor's life in the game. I know we'll get to play as him as a teenager, but I'm not quite sure if we play as Connor the child. If anyone could confirm that, it'd be much appreciated.

    So, anyway, do you think this gameplay early in his life will just be a tutorial for the rest of the game, like how to hunt, free run in the trees, and so forth, or do you think we'll actually do one or two missions?

    Less than a month guys! The days are flying by until release, but it still seems so far away!

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  • TheDarkKnightHasRisen

    AC IV ideas

    October 4, 2012 by TheDarkKnightHasRisen

    I know AC III isn't even out yet, but I couldn't help wondering where the next installment would take place if and when it is announced. I had a few ideas:

    1. United States during the American Civil War
    2. Ancient Israel during the time of Christ
    3. Modern-day New York

    Let me know what you think of my ideas and go ahead and submit your own. Can't wait for AC 3!

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  • TheDarkKnightHasRisen

    First off, I'd like to get out of the way that I am a very new fan to the AC franchise. I started with Revelations and went from there. Now, I'd like to say how PSYCHED I am for AC 3! The last time I felt this way about a video game was with Batman: Arkham City, and let's just say that turned out pretty well. I try not to get over-excited when it comes to video games, but AC 3 has just BLEW...MY...MIND! I'm super excited and can't wait to get my hands on the game. Consider this an open mic for anyone wanting to sound off on this AMAZING game! Thank you Ubisoft!

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