Hello. Before I begin discussing the blog's topic, I am new here, so you'll have to forgive me for not creating a blog with an attractive format like some of the admins and other experienced users.


Right, I see quite a lot of threads and forums that throw out historical settings for an Assassin's Creed game though rarely do I see the original poster or commenters discuss what specifically can be done with these settings for an Assassin's Creed game in terms of story, gameplay, etc. I have three settings for an Assassin's Creed game that I will pitch (in a rather rough manner) in three separate articles, with this one focusing solely on the first. The ideas I will present are not very in depth though they are meant to incite fan discussions below in the comment section.

Now for the settings... each one is bound to make some of you groan in despair from the onset (especially the second, which I suppose constitues as an "overrated" setting suggestion for this entire series). The first (which this article shall be focuses on) is Middle Ages England, specifically the 15th Century. The second... well I'm somewhat indecisive about which specific period of the country's history to focus on though the setting would be Japan (yes, yes, I know many of you are booing already at this suggestion). The actual time is a choice between either the Sengoku period or the Bakumatsu. The third and final one would be the early 20th Century. I know "early 20th Century" is somewhat vague however I shall elaborate on that later.

Period One: 15th Century England - The War of the Roses

If you have ever studied the War of the Roses in depth you know broad and complex it was. There was so much political scheming and shifting allegiances (Warwick and Clarence being a notable example) involved, big and bloody battles, interesting figures that could easily make excellent and well developed characters once fictionalised into a game format and an overall facinating period in English (or British, whatever you prefer) history.

Given the period and context, much of the gameplay could be a very nice balance between stealth and combat. On the stealth side, there could be a lot of intelligence gathering due to the amount of treachery and plotting from key players. For example, gathering intelligence on Warwick's treasonous plans during Edward IV's first reign or getting involved in the Neville-Percy conflict and aiding one side to dismantle the other through sabotage and elimiation of key figures, or acting as the catalyst for Henry VI's second downfall. Imaging infiltrating a castle! Imagine infiltrating the Tower of London and killing Clarence (death by wine)!

One the combat side... well it was a bloody and chaotic war involving dozens of large scale battles. If one battle had to be used it would have to be the Battle of Townton. A hellish battle in the midst of a snowstorm in which hundreds of men drown and died crossing the freezing rivers and the blizzard causing confusion resulting in Lancastrian archers to fire on their own men, mistakening them for the Yorkists. Imagine having a specific goal during the battle (e.g. eliminate Somerset) though having the freedom get involved in the chaos. It could also be one of the most glorious sequences of the game as it would mark Edward IV's ascension.

There are some quick, rudimentary concepts for how the stealth and combat can work and be balanced. Furthermore, imagine how intriuing it would be to have a free roam experience in which certain areas are occupied by either Yorkists or Lancastrian knights/soldiers. Other gameplay features could be playing off the soldiers against each other, utilizing the system of livery and maintenance for your own ends and even inciting minor peasant uprisings. Furthermore, countries like Scotland, France and Burgundy can easily be incorporated as locations for single, linear sequences (this has been done before, such as with Rome or Arsuf).

The story could be vast, the characters interesting and well developed and have a lot of intriguing themes could be presented. In regards to what the protagonist and their backstory should be and the role of the Assassins and Templars (which, despite being official disbanded during this period, can function as something they have not been seen as since the first game in 2007: armored Knights)... well again, this article exists to create discussions below and ideas being shared, with my words only functioning as a very rough outline of what could be.

Anyways, what do you think of this period being featured in an Assassin's Creed game? What are your ideas for the story, characters, role of the Assassins/Templars, the stealth/combat and its context? What new features do you want, what new cities/towns would you love to see? I'm very much interested and any comments (that aren't stupid) will be appreciated. Thank you for reading!

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