I would like to share my thoughts on "The Truth" with this community.  The final message portraying the escapies from what looks like a city is quite interesting.  However, what I find much more fascinating is the document contained in "The Truth" file 18.  In it, the writer suggests that humans have an unused set of neurons that when exposed to a variety of stimuli were not activated.  My thoughts are this:  "Those who came before" had created humanity in their own image according to Assassin's Creed 2.  What if they also engineered humans to be completely loyal subjects?  As Adam and Eve escape the city in the completed version of "The Truth," they come across a window with what appears to be a figure holding a piece of eden.  Near said figure are others, though they labor doing who knows what.  I believe that one of the functions of the pieces of eden were to activate the extra neurons located in humans in order to keep them under control so "those who came before" could make them do their bidding.  As evidence to support this claim, the second part of sequence 18 entailes running a Piece of Eden over parts of the brain to complete the sequence.  Furthermore, I also believe that the reason the peices of eden are less effective on Desmond  and his "line" is because he was born with less of the extra neurons.  That being the case, he may not be entirely human.  He may be the result of a crossbreed between "those who came before" and humans; maybe of the escapies seen in "The Truth" video sequence.  Lend me your thoughts and make suggestions to my idea where you see fit.  We might be smiling by the time Assassin's Creed 3 comes out.

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