• TheACtRiBuTe

    Anyone Got Any Ideas?

    October 4, 2012 by TheACtRiBuTe

    I'm just wondering, has anyone got any ideas of an Assassins Creed board game? I'm a student in school doing my GCSE Graphic products and i've chose to make an AC board game as my topic, and i really carnt think of any idea! How the board can be layed out, what the game includes, what you do on the game, etc. So i came here just to see if anyone had any ideas and could help me out ;) Also if you look at the franchise of AC, weve got games on ps3, xbox 360, WII U, PS VITA, PSP, Ipad and even Iphone. Doing my research has lead me to find that there is NO board game for AC, and with it being my faviroute game of all time, i thought i would take this opprtunity to make one :D It would be really nice of you guys to help me out. thanks! :)

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