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Problem With AC3 (Xbox 360)

Hi, guys.

Never really had to ask for help about an AC game before. But I've encountered a problem I can't solve. When I put in the disc for AC3 on my Xbox 360, I realised that the game was in a window screen (as in there were black bits on the top & bottom of the screen). This struck me as very odd, as I had literally just completed AC3 again on my PS3; about 5 minutes earlier, & that version wasn't like this. I thought to myself that maybe that's just how this version of the game is (Xbox 360 version) & maybe I'm just imagining things, & it's always been this way. But I don't remember it being that way; albeit I haven't played it for a while on my Xbox.

So yeah, I can't find any options to change this. If someone knows how to fix this I would appreciate it. Just note that I haven't tried restarting my game, but it's 1 in the morning right now so I'm not going to check. I just thought I would ask now so that if it is a problem in the morning, it can be fixed.


- Outsider

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