Now, if you haven't already guessed, this blog is going to be all about spoilers... Please leave if you don't want to be spoilt...

So, Outsider, what's this blog for?

Now that's cleared up, let's get straight to the point. I have not completed ACIV, nor do I intend to stick around to read the comments on this blog. I am simply creating this blog as a space for users to freely talk about all the spoilery details regarding ACIV. Please comment as you will: people can't say I didn't warn them if they start reading!

My thoughts on the game

Like I said, I haven't completed ACIV, but I will talk about my initial impression I have received from playing The small amount I have today...


So, currently I have just reached Havana (sequence 2). I've done the first mission and.... well, that's it. All I have been doing is exploring the city and having lots of fun. Although I may not have done much, this has given me a good outlook for where the game is heading. And you'll be happy to know that I think it's brilliant. Everything that was wrong with AC3 seems to have been fixed. And I love the creative way they allow you to don the hood even before you've become an assassin. The gameplay is smooth, the framerate is pretty good & screen tearing is kept to a minimal (playing on PS3 by the way). Combat is harder and stealth is improved. Yes, I am aware the difficulty in combat is marginal, but your reflexes have to be quicker to counter. Or maybe that's just me?


Modern-day is interesting to say the least. I haven't explored yet, but I plan to have a look around the offices tomorrow. I'm not a huge fan of how Ubi are working the whole silent protagonist thing, but it's very creative considering how far this is out of their comfort zone. 


General mission structure is more fun. I especially enjoy assassination missions. And I am so happy they toned down the difficulty to mini-games. I finally won my first game of checkers! Yay! Anyway, I'll just have to see what's in store for me in future missions...


I haven't experienced much of the story yet, but I like where Ubi are taking it. I'm very excited to see in what circumstances Edward meets the Templars and Assassins for the first time (Duncan doesn't count). The voice acting is spot on and I can already tell that Edward is going to be a funner protagonist than Connor and... dare I say it... Ezio???? Maybe not Ezio, but he's still great. Matt Ryan is definitely a better voice actor than Noah Watts.

Final words

So there you have it. Comment freely about ACIV and don't feel sorry for those blind enough to accidently stumble in here: I gave them a lot of warning...

Don't try to comment to me, because I won't be returning here until I've completed the game. I plan on taking as much time as I can to experience the game, so it could be a while.

I hope people actually will use this. I have not idea how many people have completed the game or have watched walkthroughs.

Well, have fun chatting...

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