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Game Choice (Which to buy?)

I know thins blog is off topic and stuff, but I really needed some other opinions on this. In a week or so, I will buy 2 games. I have the options of: Darksiders 2 (I personally would like this), Arkham City, Skyrim, Max Payne 3, Sleeping Dogs, Assassin's Creed 2. Yes, I never played AC2, but know the WHOLE story. I play on PS3 console. Again, I am aware that they have been a lot of blogs and stuff and this is pretty of-topic but I desperately need some opinions. Thanks for your help! There is time till Sunday 26th August.

UPDATE: So in the end I got Darksiders 2 and Skyrim. For reasons discussed in the comments. But I now face another choice...... Arkham City Vs. Fall of Cybertron. Also, BIG THANK YOU for ALL the suggestions. I'll update the blog when a descision is reached.

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