I don't understand all of the hype relating to an Assassin's Creed in Japan. How would Ubisoft even incorporated the whole Assassins theme into any time period of Japan (specifically Fuedal Japan). Japan already had its own "assassins" - ninjas (unless you're telling me the ninjas WERE the Assassins, which would lead to shoddy one-dimensional gameplay extremely similar to other ninja games). There's just too many things wrong with making an AC game set in Japan, and on top of what I've already mentioned, a game set is Japan is the #1 game that Ubisoft WON'T make, as it's what everyone expects the most.

... Now China. Oh man is ancient China a glorious idea for a setting. Ancient China had a much larger diversity in weapons (compared to ancient/Fuedal Japan), a culture where it would be much easier to incorporate the whole Assassins theme, and a very long history with the Creed (unlike Japan). The diversity in weapons is obviously a plus; this gives players more ways to kill people (duh); the culture of ancient China, unlike ancient Japan, didn't have carbon copies of stealthy Assassins, and would make it much easier to be an Assassin; and the long-standing incorporation of the Creed in ancient China would simply be better for the series as a whole, lore-wise.

So what do you guys think? Is ancient China a much better setting than ancient Japan, or do you prefer the latter?

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