Has anyone downloaded the DLC yet? I just wanted to say that it's awesome. The Stowaway really looks a lot like the Robber. He must've been so popular, he just had to come back in AC4, lol. His kills are a lot like the Robber's too, though he uses dual guns. I like his prestige outfit, but I'm not fond of the eyepatch. For the Shaman, I really like his axes. They look so different than an ordinary axe. I also love his kills. His kill from behind is him grabbing ahold of his victim before hacking his axe into their chest twice. His kill from the front is bizarre, but I love it. :3 He embeds his axe into his victim's shoulder before shoving his hand into their chest, ripping out their heart. That suprised me, lol. And finally, the Siren looks as good as all the other female characters. She has nice cleavage (that sounds perverted ._.) and I like how she has that seductress and deadly look at the same time. She could use less jewelry though, she wears too much bling. I thought her special weapons were the dual guns, but it turned out to be a sword. I like her kills, but the sword doesn't seem to fit her. It's a dang saber (or sabre, or however you spell it), it looks like she might have a hard time carrying that big sword at her side, lol. If you have the DLC, you should share your thoughts about it. :3 Also, the two maps (Charlestown and Kingston) are arriving on the 17th.

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