It seems like they have Wanted again, but there are so many different things to it. The compass is the same. There are different characters and maps, etc.

One of the maps is called, "Something" Island. Sorry if I don't know the name of it, lol. The timer starts at 8 minutes. Your target's portrait is also on the right-hand bottom. It seems like the meter is smaller. The meter tells you how many points you get with your basic kill. Incognito is 450 points instead of 350/300 points. It doesn't tell you whether it's incognito, silent, discreet, or reckless, but you can simply tell by the meter.

Your target's portrait is a big square. The portrait is dim when you're far away, but brightens as you get closer. When you are close enough to your target, their portrait zooms in, giving you a clear image of their face, with the usual blue highlight in the background when in line-of-sight. When you kill your target, the background turns green and their portrait fades away.

You don't have any carbon-copies of yourself, so you have to use abilities. It also seems like you have your two ordianry weapons. The weapon whatever the character has (daggers, swords, small axes, one/two guns, etc.)  and the silent weapon (hidden blade). Instead of the usual walking up, holding your target and inserting the blade into their chest animation, you just shove your blade into them, forcing them to walk backwards and collapse, lol.

Foliage can also be used in free-running. The vines seem to be chase-breakers. The contested kill animation is also different. When you try to stun your pursuer, you charge at them, but they push you back, similar to the Footpad's high-profile front kill. You then punch your pursuer's face, but they slam their hand on the back of your head and the blade comes sliding out, killing you. You get 200 points for a stun, but only 100 points if it's contested.

I got all of this information from this video: It also looks like the characters are either pirates or aristocrats. There are also five unknown characters: an aristrocrat dude with a white wig, eyepatch on his left eye and purple cape, a dude with brown hair and a black/brown trench coat, a bald pirate woman with a domino mask and pirate hat, a leather-clad pirate dude, and a slim, pirate dude with red hair and a green bandana.

Correct me if there are any mistakes, thanks.

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