• TemplarAgent

    Guild of Rogues DLC

    February 12, 2014 by TemplarAgent

    Has anyone downloaded the DLC yet? I just wanted to say that it's awesome. The Stowaway really looks a lot like the Robber. He must've been so popular, he just had to come back in AC4, lol. His kills are a lot like the Robber's too, though he uses dual guns. I like his prestige outfit, but I'm not fond of the eyepatch. For the Shaman, I really like his axes. They look so different than an ordinary axe. I also love his kills. His kill from behind is him grabbing ahold of his victim before hacking his axe into their chest twice. His kill from the front is bizarre, but I love it. :3 He embeds his axe into his victim's shoulder before shoving his hand into their chest, ripping out their heart. That suprised me, lol. And finally, the Siren look…

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  • TemplarAgent

    ACIV MP Wanted

    June 12, 2013 by TemplarAgent

    It seems like they have Wanted again, but there are so many different things to it. The compass is the same. There are different characters and maps, etc.

    One of the maps is called, "Something" Island. Sorry if I don't know the name of it, lol. The timer starts at 8 minutes. Your target's portrait is also on the right-hand bottom. It seems like the meter is smaller. The meter tells you how many points you get with your basic kill. Incognito is 450 points instead of 350/300 points. It doesn't tell you whether it's incognito, silent, discreet, or reckless, but you can simply tell by the meter.

    Your target's portrait is a big square. The portrait is dim when you're far away, but brightens as you get closer. When you are close enough to your tar…

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  • TemplarAgent

    Desmond and Clay

    April 26, 2012 by TemplarAgent

    Is Desmond related to Clay/Subject 16? Since they both have Ezio as an ancestor, they must must be related somehow. Thanks for answering.

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