We all experinced most memories in ACB & ACR came with special objectives. The objectives usually related with timing, assassination methods or weapons, defending health points, detection permit, or else. Those are aims to gain more synchronization level to Desmond's ancestor, also improve difficulty level of the game for us.

Let's share to the wiki about which memories that notable for you. Maybe because of it's very challenging, or too easy, or maybe very annoying, or for another reason else.
Please mention one or two memories (in ACB & ACR) and the reason why you considered that mission is notable. You may choose main memories or side memories.

Let me start.

  • ACB:
    • Young at Heart : there's many crossbowman guards in the rooftops which may cause Ezio to fall, but it's very challenging too.
    • The Apple Of Eden : have all weapons in the world but not allowed to use it yet, must act like a robber at all cost.
  • ACR:
    • Bearer of Mixed Tidings : detected = desynchronized, kill anyone = 50% sync, thats all.
    • The Champion, Part 2 : attackers in the ambush dressed like a civilians which made me confused whether it's a stalker or a regular civilian which want to approach the herald, also restarting the memory is annoying because needs walking and talking which can't be skipped like a regular cinematic.

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