Before anyone reads this please understand that this is a SPOILER and if you havent completed Assassins creed revelations yet LOOK AWAY NOW!!!! Daniel Cross is (almost) 100% working for the templars now and will probably face off against desmond in Assassins creed 3. in Assassins creed revelations multiplayer when you reach level 40 or so you get a video where you enter a room and meet a top ranking templar. she explains the significance of the room your in and how lucky you are to be there. then outta nowhere she has you held down and injected with a tracking device to guard against undercover Assassins. and who does she ask to hold you down and inject you?? DANIEL! Assassins creed isnt known for coincidences (eg William M from emails in AC 1 & 2 being William Miles aka desmonds father) so i cant see this one being one either. to me it sounds awesome!!!! subject 4 vs subject 17, the Assassin who destroyed the order in 2000 vs the Assassin who can save it. oh and what a LEGEND subject 16 (aka Clay Kaczmarek) turned out to be!!!


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