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    Since Ubisoft just anounced that they are not going to take the AC franchise to the fedual Japan setting, but that doesn't stopping the fan from seeing the Assassin jumping from rooftop to rooftop in a Japanese-style. Take Vin Hill for example, he a concept artist and has many ideal for the Assassin in Japan.

    " Set during the Meiji restoration in 1868, the samurai were dispersed and a national implemented with a large influence from Western traders such as the united states. With this, the old styled Japan was moved very rapidly into the future with the introduction of an armed forces with firearms. To complete the restoration the new emperor moved the capital from Kyoto to Edo (Now named Tokyo) where the traditional Japan was being lost ve…

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  • Suriken88

    I just came across some image and video.Proof that an early Assassin Creed game was suppose to be a Prince of Persia franchise series, but it didn't come out for some reson. But it may be cool if Ubisoft release the game.

    Hope you liked it and comment.

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  • Suriken88

    John Beiswenger, author of "Link," has taken Ubisoft to court over claims the publisher lifted story ideas from his novel to create the Assassin's Creed universe.

    The complaint, which was filed earlier this week in a Pennsylvania court, outlines many of the similarities between the book and the game. In "Link," the plot introduces the conception and creation "of a device and process whereby ancestral memories can be accessed, recalled, relived, and re-experienced by the user."

    Both also include spiritual and religious tones, assassinations, and characters experiencing historical events through their ancestors’ memories. "Ubisoft have directly copied, and directly and contributorily infringed on the whole of Plaintiff’s copyrighted work," th…

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  • Suriken88

    tomahawk=hidden blade

    March 3, 2012 by Suriken88

    After look at all of the image of AC 3.I notice that the hidden blade (the ionic weapon of the assassin) was no where to be found,then i see the Connor aka (main assassin in AC 3) wield a tomahawk stalking an person or Templer agent and look like he about too assassinate his target WITH A TOMAHAWK ?

    Here some of the picture:


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  • Suriken88

    The next Assassin's Creed is set to feature a new protagonist and switch setting to the American Revolution, a source close to the project has told CVG.

    The exciting switch to the 18th century conflict will mark the series, according to Ubisoft, and our insider indicates the game will be publicly showcased before the end of the company's fiscal year on March 31

    The American setting was first hinted in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's 'Da Vinci Disappearance' DLC, which drip-fed players a set of coordinates leading to New York state, USA.

    Another hint featured in the ending of latest series entry, Revelations, when a futuristic globe hovered over the US (pictured).

    Perhaps the biggest indication though came late last year, when a Ubisoft survey …

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