Before I begin with actually talking about the topic of this blog, may i just say, I love the new graphical overhaul and presentation of the website now, it just looks so good!  


I finally got around to beating Black Flag last week, as I was far too engrossed in Batman: Arkham Origins to even care about Assassin's Creed, that and I got stuck on this one particular area with a fort, and a bunch of Man of Wars (Man o' Wars?) that kept dominating my ship every time I entered the restricted area in order to get to the next story mission, I'm sure some of you realize what I mean... it's actually the last story mission I think, or just about.  Anyway, I finally received a blessing from God when I decided to play the game again for the first time in half a month, a bunch of other ships showed up, while I was circling the island to sneak in (It's actually the land mass that contains Kingston but the other area was on the rear of the island) and the Man o' Wars started a full out naval war, and I was able to sneak in amongst the chaos.  

Not the point of the blog, but I just wanted to point how fortunate I was.  The main thing I want to say, isn't much... but, I feel that the ending for Black Flag ended on a high note and what I mean by that is... There was no cliffhanger, it marks as the first game in the series, without a cliffhanger... You'd have to be really inquisitive or downright ignorant of previous AC titles, to still be thinking "I'm confused.  What happened?" 


As to my thoughts, I think Black Flag was a very good game, especially for a game that was, for the most part, rushed for release... it carried pretty much all mechnics from ACIII, along with some new ones, like the diving expeditions (One thing, I hate the Sharks!) and plundering of ships (I often just sunk ships, like frigates and brigs, but boarded the Man o' Wars because they had a crap load of things to loot)  Currently I'm still halfway through in terms of progress completion, despite having finished the story... oh, and may I also point out, the story was rather short? Did anybody see how short it was compared to AC3? Maybe it's just me.   I'm curious to see what Assassin's Creed V will bring, and I hope... really hope, they put in Victorian England, and do something with Jack the Ripper.   

PS: I purchased and began Freedom Cry today, feels like a spin off, in terms of content and how big it feels compared to Tyranny of King Washington, but I am disappointed by how small the map is entirely.  

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