Alright guys! I have a dilema and I desire your assistance, as you can tell by the carefully planned out title, I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed 3. Now here's the thing, I pre ordered the Freedom Edition from GameStop (EB Games) and I understand that they hold their pre orders for 48 hours after the initial release of the product, terrific! Preferably, I'd like someone from either Canada or United States to help me validate this . With October drawing neigh, my mother has booked a reservation to go to Salem, Boston for Halloween and we (Myself, my brother, my mother and my cousin) shall be departing Canada on October 29th and won't be returning until the 1st of November which exeecds the time limit of how long GameStop holds their pre orders. No worries for me though. Once again, I'd like you to review THIS and transmit your analysis to me in the comments section below. The reason why I want you to check out the link is because I will be unable to pick up my pre order of AC3 and have decided instead to ask my Dad to pick it up for me. I will provide him with the receipt, some relevant information and if necessary, the money to purchase it. Thanks a ton brothers and sisters of the Creed!

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