I was thinking about Daniel Cross and how he suffered from a natural bleeding effect allowing him to view the memories of his ancestor Nikolai Orelov. This could explain some of the well known occurrances in our lives today:

1. Dreaming and day-dreaming
Dreams are otherwise largely unexplainable and they is much debate about there purpose. Some theorize that dreams are the effect of your brain excreting waste information that is picked up and not required, a kind of cleaning out of your memories. This would also support the reason behind a natural bleeding effect event.
OK you might be dreaming about dragons and witches and wizards, or something else farfecthed and unrealistic, but POEs can manipulate a persons perspective of reality.

2. Deja Vu
Usually refering to an event that has been seen before (derived from the French for 'already seen'), though also used in the context of things that have occurred before. Directly relating to an event one views from an ancestors genetic memory may be confused with something they think they have seen right before them in the present time, such as Desmond and Daniels 'visions'. People think they have seen something before when they have never been to a place before in their lives. How can this be? This is perhaps due to an ancestors memories of the place having visited it before.

3. Instinct
Like Vidic explains to Desmond, how do animals know what to do? Genetic memories. Have you ever instinctively just done something, and it's been right? Usually this would be dismissed as beginners luck or chance, perhaps you tapped into an ancestors memory or doing something similar. Knowning when you're in a bad situation or just not liking the look of a person (it's almost like the have a red glow to them...).

4. Exceptional Performances
Desmond is able to learn and perform the abilities of his ancestors Altair and Ezio through the bleeding effect. People have been known to perform exceptional feats before, sudden strenght or speed. Scientists and Doctors would say that when under pressure or threatened, the human body may release adrenaline that can provide the person with the extra energy required for survival purposes. Or maybe your ancestor was an Assassin...

5. Schizophrenia
Common symptoms are that the sufferer hears voices that others can not, or they fear others are trying to harm them. I would feel the same if I saw violent visions of crazed people trying to kill 'me', unknowningly experiencing/viewing the memories of an ancestor. Schizophrenics can develop multiple personalities and can change into them in time. The same way that Lucy has to remind Desmond what is reality when he is experiencing his visions, and constantly urges him to 'stay with her'. Also in AC Desmond urguably is changing into Altair and Ezio, not only seen through his new abilities but also the scar on his lip (the same as Ezios).

Your welcome to, and please do comment. Subject AMDR 09:11, January 7, 2011 (UTC)

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