After months of searching, i've finally found the ultimate question...I think. In all main AC games you play as Desmond, and only fight with him ONCE. Now some of you already know that their will possibly be a battle between The Prodicle Son(Desmond) and The Lost(Daniel). Then my friend gave me a very interesting statement: Rikkin must be very deadly and powerful if he is the CEO of Abstergo.That's when it hit me. What if Rikkin is the finale boss in AC3! So I ask you, who would you rather fight the most: Daniel, or Rikkin?

Also this is just what I think it would be like if Rikkin was the boss. Picture this. At the launch site the Assassins have snuck through and made it to the hangar leading to the satellite. As they make it to the hangar door it opens, and out comes Rikkin, Vidic, Richard, Aubrey, Caroline, Jane, James and three other Templars. Rkkin gives his, it's over Assassins speech, then Desmondsays, That might be true... but will fight you regardless! With Desmond stands Daniel, Bill, William, Rebecca, Shaun, Hannah, Bellamy, a couple of other Assasins and Erudito. Then the Battle for the End beggins. PO

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