Yo. I've been watching ALL Assassin Creed Interviews, Press Realeses, Demos, and Walkthroughs and notice a few things I hope Ubisoft will upgrade in, Assassin's Creed 3.

Crowds: People in the crowds actually react to you. They speak about your past work and who they think you, and other things such as rumors. I also noticed that when you kill a person in all AC games, the crowd automaticlly runs away, however in some cases, people would actually stay and watch what will happen next. This would make it feel as if people have repspect for Conner and they know he will not bring harm to them. Last for crowds would be that they would stay in blend mode.

Blending: In Assassin's Creed 3, when you are being chased by gaurds you can automaticlly blend in with a large crowd. This is an add on to the Crowds upgrade above. An Example would be the Assassin's Creed 1 opening trailer. Altair is being chased by Templars and leads them to a chruch. When the bell rings a group of Scholars come from behind and large number of people walk into the open, allowing Altair to escape without countinuing the chase or a fight.

Assassins: In Brotherhood and Revalations, I didn't feel like the Assassins had any life to them. All they did was stand around and say little comments when you approch them. The only time you see them do anything is when you call apon them in battle. It would be great if in Assiassin's Creed III, you see the Assassin's you recruit walk around Homestead or in ceartain locations of the Cities or Frontier. Showing Assassins or Assassin bussniesses that do not connect to the MAIN storyline would be awesome too. An Example of this would be how Assassins leave hints or clues to who their faction is. Say you see a Blacksmith shop and inside the shop you see a door with the Assassin Symbol on it for other Assassins to know that the shop owner belongs to another Assassin.

What do you think about this? And if you have your own upgrads put 'em in the little box that lets us post. P.o.E

If I think of anythign else I'll add it.

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