I week ago I read that Ezio's descendants ruled the brootherhood for almost 500 YEARS! To save time that means from 1524 to 1925 the line of Ezio has been in control. That means Desomond is the descendant to the most important people in the world,and now someone new is probably leading the Assassins. Now if you think about it not many assassins can do what Desmond does, like a LOP(leap of faith), and if i'm right if he keeps on using the Animus, he could become a True assassin like Ezio or Mario. Basiclly what i'm saying is if there isn't a current Mentor, and Desmond survives he could be the next Mentor. Do you think that Ubisoft is trying to make this possible? If not what do you think they would or will do with this? Plus do you think Desmond would be a great leader of the Assassins? Don't forget he would have the knowledge of his ancestors. PO

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