First off if someone already made this Forum, I am sorry. It's been a while sense I've been on and I don't read any of the blogs/forum things. Well now...let's begin.

My friend Alex and I were talking about Assassin's Creed 3 and how Desmond will play out, but then I realised something about the plot thing. Desmond is trying to stop a world ending disaster, but the Assassin's around the world are trying to defeat the Templars. How does Desmond saving the world from a natural event stop the Templars? Even if the apple of Eden is lost forever there will still be more and even if those are gone too, I do not believe the Templars would give up that easily? Remember what they have: Animi, Knock-off Apples, Money, Recourses, etc. See where I'm getting at? How do you think AC3 will end the Templar threat or if it even will. P.o.E

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