PS: The French and Indian War began in 1754 but I'm guessing this didn't begin until a few months later which lead into 75.

So I've been seeing and hearing this a lot when looking up Haythem Kenway or Assassin's Creed III. Sometime during the beginning of the French and Indian war, the Templars came across the Assassins and as all other instances of Assassins and Templars learning of the other faction, engaged in battle. The outcome of 9 years of war-The 7 years of War was actually 9, makes no sense I know- between the two factions ended up with the near anhalation of the Assassins and growth of the Templars.

Now, what I'd like to know is how The Assassins, a group who's been in America much longer than the Templars and bigger than them in the colonies, could've been destroyed by an Irishmen, a traitor, a drunk, a boot legger, a suck up, and Haythem Kenway? When I first thought about it I was alright with it, until I read that the Colonial Assassins were the most powerful of the Assassin groups at the time. It's very questionable sense Connor was able to defeat them with the help of his recruits, Achilles, and his ship. Maybe it was because the Templars were much older when Connor killed them, or they weren't expecting any Assassin to still be alive and became laid back.

Something that happened during those 9 years that Haythem and the Templars did to destroy the Assassin. From articles, their biggest attack was in the final year of 1763, which wiped out all but three Assassins: Achilles, Agate, and Avaline-I checked and Avaline was 12 years old at 1759-.

So my question is this...HOW DID THE TEMPLARS WIN?! And YES, I know the outcome of the war, but it does not answer the question. The Assassins and Templars were playing all teams, French, British, and Native, so losing of the war could not be the main reason.

Ideas, Theories, and Guesses are all allowed. Anything to help learn of what happened during this very important time in Assassin and Templar history. Control/Protection of a New World....Order.


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