Okay so i've been brainstorming about this video for a while now, the one from AC2. Ever since Desmond's conversation with 16 in ACB, telling him to find Eve, not her descendant, but her, Eve herself. And I think this could be important. So here it goes, here is my wacky theory: I think that the Truth vid from AC2 is in a first person perspective. Eve acknowledges this third person's presence early in the vid as she looks back at them. So who is this 3rd person? Well I have a crazy theory that it could in fact be Desmond. The male voice in the Truth video is down as 'Nolan North' the voice of Desmond, so I don't think it is Adam who calls to Eve at the end of the vid, but Desmond, as she turns to look as this 3rd person when her name is called , plus Nolan didn't voice Altair or Ezio, so why would he voice Adam, there has to some significance to why his voice is present. I know that this might all sound a bit crazy but I do reckon it could be a possibility, in AC1 there was a mention of a P.O.E that could alter time, e.g 'MAKE TIME TRAVEL POSSIBLE'. So maybe in a future AC Desmond gets hold of this P.O.E and uses it to get to Eve to possibly alter events, or make something not happen. I know this all sounds like a madman's ramblings but I do think that among the madness, I might be getting at something..., let me know what you all think.

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