Well, well, well! Just noticed I got the Da Vinci badge on the wiki today, for adding 500 images to it. And it seems I'm the first to do so. As most of you already know, I'm not a user that has ever been concerned with earning badges, but I have to tap myself on the back here as this is quite a milestone for me. I would just like to thank everyone who I have worked with on the wiki and everyone who has helped me here. Your assistance and co-operation is and always will be much appreciated. Thank you, War, Cello, AMDR, 'R Blaidd, Sima, Vatsa, Thief, Rayne, Guard, Jasca, Campbell and especially Rome! (And anyone I have missed) You have all been AWESOME! 500 down and swiftly on my way to 1000! Cheers People! --Sick-steeN

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